The Beginning of Our Garden

We haven’t been in our home 2 weeks and aren’t fully settled in but you better believe we’ve started the garden! One of the reasons we purchased our home was the amazing yard with ample space to raise our own food.

Last weekend, my husband attempted tilling (with a borrowed tiller) a spot in our back yard without much success. This north Georgia soil is rocky! With no success following a traditional method, we starting looking into other ways to garden. We decided to go the route of raised beds.

So far, we’ve built one bed using James Hardie siding (which is stands up to moisture and rot and is considered ‘green’ because it uses “natural ingredients that are low in toxicity“.) One 12-foot board is around $7 and it makes a 9 square foot bed! (We currently have supplies for 3  more but haven’t had time to build them!)

In our one raised bed, we  have our two banana pepper plants that we purchased.

I have an incredibly cute gardening helper, he’ll be gardening alongside of me all summer long!

Last week I also started our seeds. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be but at this point but this will be a “learning year” at the new house as well as gardening with a child!

We already have some growth! I just hope our Georgia soil grows cantalopues like our Tennessee soil did!

One of our goals is to have much of our yard become an edible landscape. Instead of lining the side of our home with flowers, we put strawberries there. So far we just have 4 strawberry plants and hopefully will add some more in the future! (We are starting small this year!)

One of our strawberries is turning! I’m looking forward to eating these juicy berries!

And while I snapped these pictures, Paxton entertained himself with dandelions! He loves them!

So far, we’ve spent under $50 for our garden and most of that was for supplies for building the raised beds which will be used for years to come!

Do you have a garden? If not, have you thought about growing 1 or 2 of your favorite vegetables in a small container garden?

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  1. We started our first garden this year too!! Hubby dug out the sod enough for a 15 by 10 foot bed to start with. Edible landscaping is also one of our goals, although it will definitely take some time to get there. Right now, all the borders of the house are laced with perennial plants and flowers, which is nice, but eventually we want to replace them with vegetable! I wish you all the luck in your gardening adventures – am really looking forward to reading about your progress!

  2. We are slowly turning the back yard of our house into an edible yard -So far we have a pomegrante tree ( that has just finished fruiting), an olive tree ( these trees were planted many many years ago by previous owners), a passionfruit vine ( yet to fruit), heaps of tomato plants ( that fruited wonderfully) peppers, lettuce, cabbage, leeks, spring onions carrots and lots of strawberries. I would like to try adding potatoes this year.

    We recently added mint, basil, thyme and rosemary around our 4 year old sons cubby house – we wanted to add a little bit of colour, that was kid friendly – he loves being able to help pick herbs for our meals.

    1. I'm just a little jealous of your trees and herbs!! I love that you put herbs around the play house and that he helps you pick them…adorable!!

  3. I'm so glad you started your garden! I missed seeing all the photos and and reading about your abundance last year. I just finished planting the last of our strawberries (50 of them) last night and planted snow peas (first time). It is still a bit too cold to plant anything else yet here in NorthEast Ohio. We get frost up to May 15th.

    I understand what you mean about edible landscaping. I have thought about window-boxes under the windows in the front of the house to fill with strawberries.

    I look forward to zukes, yellow squash, cukes, tomatoes, soybeans and greenbeans in our garden in the next few weeks.

    Alot of people complain about the amount of work, but to me, if you start out slow, it isnt so bad. Also, if you maintain it daily for just 5 minutes a day (picking weeds!), it is alot less work.

    You two have definitely been busy! Moving, getting situated, raising a baby AND starting a garden! I dont know how you do it!

    1. Wow…50 strawberries! We just have enough this year to tease us, we're planning on getting some more plants though! I agree, if you start slow, it isn't bad!! {And don't think I have it all together, my husband has been a wonderful help and I have a lot of stuff shoved in closets and in our garage that I'm just choosing to ignore so we can enjoy the spring weather!!}

  4. Oh, wow. Homegrown cantaloupe. Oh, my. The post you linked to was from before I started reading your blog. I must say , that is the item I would be most excited about.
    We've got our containers all set to plant when the end of April gets here – it's still a bit too cold in Chicago. We're going to have herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and some other stuff. Actually, I should say we're going to *try* and grow these things. Who knows if it'll work?
    Oh, and daffodils, because I need some yellow happy flowers, too. 🙂
    Please keep us posted with pictures of your pretty garden!

    1. The homegrown cantaloupe was fabulous…I'm just hoping it's as good this year because that is one of the things I am most excited about too! Good luck container gardening, hopefully you'll be successful! And I love daffodils too! I was so excited that there are daffodils planted all around one of the trees in our yard…now I just want more all over!! 🙂

  5. We have 18 raised beds in our backyard, and we love them – it's the way to go! I'm jealous that you can grow cantaloupe and banana peppers!! I like the idea of using strawberries plants along the edge of your house – very creative! Strawberries spread rapidly so it will be filled up before too long.

  6. We used James Hardie Siding on our home, and we've loved it! We have a TON left, too, because we had to buy it by the pallet since we got a custom color. We're trying to use it up, so my chicken house gets fancy siding! 🙂 What a fab idea to use it for raised beds!

    1. It makes me happy thinking your chicken house will match your house! 🙂 We're starting to think about getting some chickens…are they easy to care for? And, what about the economics of it? We're changing our eating habits and organic eggs are expensive! At $4 or so a dozen I can only imagine having chickens would be more economical!!

      1. I am posting a blog on Monday on my very limited experience and expectations of the chicks. I will provide break-even points and such. Stop on over if you're interested!

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