Moving Chaos

Moving is fun and exciting! I tend to romanticize the positive parts of moving, like a new kitchen, organizing and decorating differently and forget the reality of a move and the stress, hard work and chaos that comes with it.

Moving day was quite peaceful – I was the calmest I’ve ever been during a move and my husband definitely noticed!

The hard part is settling in with an active baby! Not to mention we’re moving into a smaller home with smaller and fewer closets and cabinets. And quite frankly, we still have too much stuff!

This past week has been chaotic but peaceful at the same time. The house is becoming more and more of a home each and every day and we’re working in short bursts while Paxton naps or while he is content playing or snacking!

This was the scene last Monday morning as John David was putting in the last of the contact paper (my husband is awesome!). Paxton was completely content watching daddy while eating breakfast!

{New pearly whites!}

Over the course of the week we’ve managed to organize almost every room in the house. They all lack those small touches that make a house more cozy but it’s coming together and really starting to feel like home!

What about you? Do you really love moving? Or, are you like me and romanticize it but don’t really like it?


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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. I love it because its refreshing change! But I hate it because I hate that unsettled feeling I get when everything is in boxes and I don't know where everything is! (Paxton is getting SO big! What a cutie.)

  2. We have moved several times, often across the country. And a couple of times with very young children. Moving was always exciting because it meant a promotion for my husband and a time to start over with not only the house but other activities too. I always try to learn from each move, whether it is in the packing aspect or the moving in. For example, a couple of moves ago I learned to take all pictures, mirrors, etc off the wall and pile on the dining room table to be packed all together. When we arrived at the new house those boxes could be stored for a few days until I was ready to deal with them. Another tip is to clearly mark items needed right away at new house: cleaning supplies, bedding for all beds, toilet paper, and cups for water. This is more for a cross county move than across town. Glad you are getting settled in. Miss you all.

    1. I've learned a lot moving over the past few moves but I can't imagine moving across country! We're slowly getting settled in and it's starting to feel like home! I'm enjoying living in Georgia but I miss so many people from First Family…hopefully we can visit sometime soon!

  3. I really hate moving, having done it over 5 times in 5 years. That being said, I have it down to a science now, and this past move was the most stress-free move to date- even with an 8 month old! I do enjoy getting everything into it's new place, but at some point i just get tired of everything not being done!

    1. This was our 5th move in our almost 5 years of marriage too! 🙂 I'm hoping we stay here 5 plus years! I'm looking forward to getting really settled so we can spend more time outside playing in this beautiful weather!

    1. Yes he really is getting big! He's such a little boy these days! We're just about settled now (it's settled enough that we can enjoy the weather and our new home and worry about some of those projects and purging later!)

  4. I noticed you have a leather sectional sofa. We have been considering purchasing one. With 2 kids, our fabric sofa is looking rough and I love the idea of being able to wipe spills up easily on leather. It just seems very kid friendly. Would you recommend a leather sofa or have you seen drawbacks as you own one? Thanks for your insight before we make a purchase! My husband was also concerned the dark leather (we are looking at a chocolate brown) would make the room look dark and cold but I don't necessarily agree)

    1. We love the leather! We don't have to worry about getting it dirty because it is so easy to clean. It also it nice to be able to just simply wipe it down with a wet rag occasionally to clean it…can't do that with other couches!

      I would think long and hard before getting a sectional! This is the one my husband had before we were married and we both like it but in some of the places we've lived, it's been hard with the layout of the room. We're keeping this one for a while because it is kid friendly, easy to care for and comfortable but we occasionally will mention another couch since it'd be easier to arrange the room with a traditional couch/love seat set up!

      And I think the dark leathers can make a room look dark, if it is a dark room with dark colors/decor. We've never felt like our black leather was too dark since we've had nice, natural light and lighter walls and decor!

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