Frugal Moving Tips

{This post was originally posted on October 22, 2010. Since we’re currently in the midst of moving this is applicable! I plan to soon start sharing our new home and about our downsizing process!}

Moving is not easy! You are packing up your entire home and moving everything into a new home which can be quite daunting. Add to that movers, renting a truck, buying boxes, buying tape, and the expenses can add up quickly! However, it is possible to move on the cheap!

Frugal moving tips:

Invest in a Tape Gun Dispenser: My mother-in-law gave us one 3 moves ago and it has been an extremely helpful tool! This enables us to quickly build broken down boxes as well as securely tape up packed boxes. A tape gun dispenser is very inexpensive, you can purchase a decent one for around $10!

Use Free Boxes: Since we didn’t have much time between finding out we were moving and our moving day we thought we were going to have to purchase boxes. Do you know how much boxes cost? Small boxes are around $1.50 and large boxes are about $2.50, each! We could very easily spend $100 or more just on boxes!

We found sources of free boxes! My husband brought 10 or so home from work, a lady from church who worked in a retail store brought us about 25 really nice boxes and I called Dollar General and was able to get around 40 boxes! All of the free boxes were broken down but building boxes only takes about 15 seconds with a tape gun. I’m willing to invest 15 seconds per box to save $1.50 or more!

Have 3-4 Good Markers: Having a few good markers instead of just one makes labeling boxes more time efficient! Since there were several markers throughout the house, I never had to walk far to find one! (It seems like they just walk off sometimes!) Remember that labeling boxes very clearly makes unpacking much easier!

Do It Yourself: Don’t hire movers! We toyed with this idea too but it’s expensive! Plus, I’m a little picky and really didn’t want other people packing my boxes, mostly because of the unpacking! I clearly label all of our boxes and know exactly what is in it before opening. Thankfully, our parents helped us load the truck and friends from our new church helped us unload!

Rent a Truck: Renting a truck and driving it yourself saves money over paying someone to drive! It cost $380 to rent the largest truck U-Haul had! (Yes, it is a littleĀ embarrassingĀ that we needed a truck that big! And no, it wasn’t packed to the brim!) The first time we moved, we used John David’s parents’ small pull behind trailer. We had our mattress strapped to the top and John David’s mom’s van loaded. Trust me, it’s much easier to just pay for a moving truck and not worry if it is going to rain and ruin things that are strapped to roofs!

And don’t worry about hiring a babysitter, just use a moving box to contain your child! (We had to snap a picture of Paxton in a box to document the moving process!!)

These frugal moving tips helped keep money in our pockets!

Comments from this move:

*We didn’t rent a moving truck, we used our truck and SUV to move the majority of our belongings and borrowed a larger truck and trailer! Yes, this required several trips but done over the course of several days and with each load we were setting furniture up or cleaning and unpacking in the new house!

*When you have an active 11-month-old, it’s best to take friends up on their offers to watch him! We were baby free for about 8 hours on ‘moving day’ which allowed us to do about twice the amount of work that we could have done if we had Paxton with us. Plus, he had a blast since he was able to hang out with other kids!

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  1. Oh my goodness, look how small Paxton was in October! Adorable. I'm praying for you guys and cant wait to see the new home.

  2. Your new home is beautiful. I discovered your blog last night through your videos in ITunes and am enjoying! It always seems strange to me when people buy boxes for moving.

    1. Thank you! It is strange to me too. In fact, the people who we bought the house from left 12 purchased boxes on the carport…I can't imagine how much they must have spent just buying boxes!

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