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Declutter Challenge | Frugal & Simple

Declutter Challenge

I’ve been decluttering for a few weeks now preparing for our move and downsizing.

Our home is finally beginning to look and feel clutter free and has been much easier to maintain!

However, I was getting in a decluttering slump so I decided to challenge myself!

The challenge: Fill my laundry basket up with stuff that needs to go!

I worked off and on throughout the day. I took it one room at a time and just by glancing around I was finding stuff that wasn’t necessary!

After going through the nursery, kitchen, hall closet, guest bathroom, master bedroom and bathroom, I had filled up the laundry basket with our clutter. Everything from toys and baby clothes, my clothes and toiletries, kitchen gadgets and decor filled the basket.

This was such an easy way to declutter! Most importantly, now a laundry basket sized box worth of stuff will not be moving to our new home and taking up valuable space there!

I challenge you to take a day and fill up your laundry basket with stuff that needs to go!