Our Small Brick Ranch

We found the house for our family a few weeks ago! We had looked at several homes in the area but this one was different, when we went to see this one, just pulling in the driveway felt right!

It is a smaller home, around 1,350 square feet, has 1.5 baths and a small kitchen. Since it is a small home, it’s also less expensive; we’re thousands below our budget! We have enough money to not only put 20% down but we also have money to decorate and personalize our space and most importantly, we won’t be stretched each month making a mortgage payment! Additional benefits are the fact that it will cost less to heat and cool, insure and smaller homes are greener!

We’re excited about living in a small home!

After our offer was accepted, John David and I had a few conversations about living in a smaller space and downsizing our living area, storage space and our possessions. I must admit, even though we’re working towards rational minimalism, I was a little scared for a few days about our ability to downsize and have less storage space. Now, I’m confident that this smaller home will work for our family for many years to come.

Since the day our offer was accepted, I’ve been going through our condo and finding items serving no purpose that are creating clutter in our home. With each item that leaves, I become more and more excited about downsizing!

Even if it’s a small house, it’s a beautiful house! It has hardwood floors, crown molding in a few rooms, a beautiful red door and new windows!

I’m excited about our new home but honestly, I’m even more excited about our new yard! We have a mostly flat lot with a fenced in back yard, plenty space for a garden, some woods and a pool that is completely decked around (and safe)!

I’ll be sharing glimpses of our downsizing process, moving, settling in and decorating our new home (frugally of course!) over the next few weeks.

We’re closing on our small brick ranch next Friday!




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  1. So excited for you!!!! I love the house! It looks very similar to ours, except the previous owners enclosed the garage to make an extra room.

    1. I'm so excited about it! It's my dream house, a quaint and cozy brick! We're actually talking about enclosing our carport…you'll have to send me pictures if we start talking seriously so I can see how yours looks…we know it will be almost impossible to match the brick and are keeping a look out for enclosed carports/garage facade ideas.

      1. It's funny you mentioned the garage/carport. I just read on another blog (don't remember which one) that the architect Frank Llyod Wright purposely designed his homes with carports as opposed to garages so the family could live with less clutter. Although his designs are not my favorite, they definitely have clean lines and no space for clutter… I guess he was green before green was in!

  2. Congrats on a new home! My hubby and I just moved to a 3-bedroom duplex, which seems huge compared to our apartment. I think I've decided that I don't want anything much bigger than what we have when we buy. Simple, clean and uncluttered is how I would like our home to stay! 🙂

  3. Yay! I'm so happy for you. I hope your new house is a happy home.
    My husband and I just moved from a 750 SF apartment to a 650 one, but we gained a HUGE balcony that I'm very excited about. We're going to be able to compost and have homegrown tomatoes and herbs! (And have you noticed how expensive fresh herbs are?!)
    But losing that much indoor space and storage (we also gave up our storage cube in the basement) was a trial, no kidding. We sold and gave away furniture that didn't fit, and that opened up a tremendous amount of space. We're now able to walk around our bed easily to make it – and I'm not getting bruises from hitting the trunk every morning! The piece of furniture that's been key for us is a double papasan chair – it can lean either way very easily, so we can either face outside or towards the kitchen.
    I love having fewer clothes. I love having fewer dishes, fewer books, and a huge balcony. The tradeoffs have been completely worth it. And our electricity bill went down $25!

    1. Is is weird that I'm somewhat jealous of your 650 square feet? 🙂 I know we could make a very small space work and be forced to let go of even more things! A balcony sounds wonderful, outdoor space is great! And how exciting to notice such a difference in your electric bill!!

  4. Congrats! I think you will really love small house living. Our little farmhouse is about 1400 square feet, and it takes some creativity in storage/decorating, but we love it! It really motivates you not to accumulate all that unnecessary stuff.

  5. Congratulations on your new home! I can't wait to see pictures of your decor. It is so much fun to move into a new space and make it your own. I can't wait to be able to do it for myself again in the future!

    1. I'm excited about decorating this house and really making it ours! I've spent very little in personalizing our previous spaces, using mainly hand-me-downs and gifts to decorate so I'm looking forward to this! Of course, the decorating will be done on a budget…nothing extravagant here!!!

  6. I am so happy for you! I look forward to seeing pictures and reading about your downsizing, move, and new home.

  7. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics when you move in! We just moved into our first home and it's only 1100 sf, but I love the smaller space, because everything feels more intimate. We plan on raising at least 5 kids in this house! It's all about how you use the space!

    1. We are so much alike!! It seems like we're on a very similar path, babies close in age, new to us cozy homes, and so on…! I agree with the intimacy in a smaller home! We looked at a couple homes that had a living room and den and all I could think was that it would cause separation! We feel like we can comfortably have 4 and homeschool here…we are thinking of adding on for homeschool space though!

    1. Thank you Amy! We are more like 50 year olds than in our mid-20s…in fact our realtor referred to us like that once, we just laughed since it's true!! We're so excited about making it into a home…and starting a new garden!

  8. Congratulations! That is so exciting! We live in a small ranch too! Ours is techincally 1800 sq. feet, but the basement is unfinished and mostly unusable right now, so we live in about 925 sq. ft! Its entirely doable especially because you guys are sooo great at living with less. I'm excited to see how the new house becomes your home!


  9. I can't wait to see it. You definitely have the right idea. Too many people have purchased what they can't pay for, heat and cool, much less furnish! A small home will be a more intimate setting for a sweet little family. People live in homes today that are so spacious, that they all go their separate ways and never have to spend any time together. I don't think that is healthy for families!!
    Love ya,

  10. Congratulations! How exciting. It looks like a really nice place.

    My name is Lisa, and I recently discovered your blog. I'm really enjoying it. I'm about to go through spring cleaning at my home, Rose Cottage, and I'm so excited to sort through and eliminate clutter. What style of decorating are you planning?

    1. As far as decorating goes we don't necessarily have a style! We like a contemporary and country feel…we love greens and bold colors and prefer second-hand furniture!

  11. I love simple, clean and uncluttered too! I'm finding with this last round of purging I'm more relaxed in my own home and it's so much easier to maintain! I'm actually looking forward to getting rid of more things as we downsize!

  12. So happy for y'all. The house sounds wonderful–yard, pool, hardwood floors, etc. I read on a blog that the problem is not your space–it's your stuff. So I've been on a purging warpath lately. It feels so good to get rid of stuff, or "Manure Out" as my mom says. We live in a 1216 sq. ft. trailer, and at first I didn't think I could survive. But the fewer square feet, the less there is to clean. My home feels manageable, and I know that God knew it was just the right size for us.

    So excited you're going to be in your own home soon!

  13. What a beautiful home! I have always wanted a brick home, they are few and far between in the desert southwest. Congrats 🙂

    You had asked a while back about suggestions for topics. I have one for you. How do you deal with items that have sentimental value but not necessarily a usable value. Hope that makes sense. For example, I am EXTREMELY sentimental of everything that comes from family especially items from loved ones who have passed. I have let some things go over the years but really I can't let much go.

    Just curious how you deal with this issues, assuming you have have dealt with it OR how you would deal with it?


    1. Thank you! As far as sentimental items go, I'm not very sentimental, yet I am! I have the desire to hold on to every piece of paper that records information (like Paxton's hospital papers) or birthday cards but I let them go because they could easily take over and I am much happier living in a completely uncluttered space! Since I am so young, all of my grandparents are still living and I've not been given anything of theirs that I truly treasure. I'm sure my feelings will change in the coming years. I do have an old Singer sewing machine/desk that belong to my great great grandmother that I have no plans of ever parting with. I do believe that it is better to only have one or two items that belonged to your loved one and are meaningful and you love instead of 20! However, if you love the items and you have space for them and don't feel too cluttered, keep them. Some people are happier with more "stuff" in their homes and that's just fine if its what you love and enjoy!

  14. We (dh and I) downsized to a 1350 sqft 3 bed/2bath and LOVE it. We had a massive yard sale before we moved and another after we moved since we didn't get rid of enough. I can say we downsized our possessions by at least 60% and three years later I can't even remember what we sold. The previous owners were a family of five that lived there for 14 years after building it new and had to relocate due to work. I would recommend a smaller house to anyone after experiencing it myself. Much easier to clean and you really do not have the messyness of a larger home because you simply do not have the extra room to be messy in.
    When I visit friend with much larger houses I feel an emptyness in their homes.. Smaller homes are much more cozy and homey feeling.

    1. I love this! Thank you for sharing with me! We've been working on getting rid of stuff before we move but I know we'll probably have to get rid of much more once we start settling in…the closets are small, the bathroom cabinets are small, etc! I really am so excited about our smaller home! And when I visit larger homes, I agree that they feel empty! I find myself wondering, how do they really live in this house and is it really necessary to have a living room and den! 🙂

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