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Our Small Brick Ranch | Frugal & Simple

Our Small Brick Ranch

We found the house for our family a few weeks ago! We had looked at several homes in the area but this one was different, when we went to see this one, just pulling in the driveway felt right!

It is a smaller home, around 1,350 square feet, has 1.5 baths and a small kitchen. Since it is a small home, it’s also less expensive; we’re thousands below our budget! We have enough money to not only put 20% down but we also have money to decorate and personalize our space and most importantly, we won’t be stretched each month making a mortgage payment! Additional benefits are the fact that it will cost less to heat and cool, insure and smaller homes are greener!

We’re excited about living in a small home!

After our offer was accepted, John David and I had a few conversations about living in a smaller space and downsizing our living area, storage space and our possessions. I must admit, even though we’re working towards rational minimalism, I was a little scared for a few days about our ability to downsize and have less storage space. Now, I’m confident that this smaller home will work for our family for many years to come.

Since the day our offer was accepted, I’ve been going through our condo and finding items serving no purpose that are creating clutter in our home. With each item that leaves, I become more and more excited about downsizing!

Even if it’s a small house, it’s a beautiful house! It has hardwood floors, crown molding in a few rooms, a beautiful red door and new windows!

I’m excited about our new home but honestly, I’m even more excited about our new yard! We have a mostly flat lot with a fenced in back yard, plenty space for a garden, some woods and a pool that is completely decked around (and safe)!

I’ll be sharing glimpses of our downsizing process, moving, settling in and decorating our new home (frugally of course!) over the next few weeks.

We’re closing on our small brick ranch next Friday!