A Glimpse of the Everyday

These days, Paxton is always into something, exploring or making a mess. It’s so much fun watching him learn and experience new things for the first time and answer his questions {he’s frequently pointing and saying ‘dat’? We love it!}

While I’m keeping my house clean, it’s not always neat. You will find crumbs on the floor, baby dishes and ‘kitchen toys’ all over the kitchen, books pulled off of bookshelves and toys all over the nursery. Some days I’m amazed that I’m even able to get supper on the table with a little one constantly tugging at my leg wanting to be held.

Some days are long but I try to appreciate the beauty of the every day.

My days are spent playing, nursing, wiping, reading, cuddling, bathing, singing, dancing, snacking, answering, telling and learning! I’m so thankful that we live frugally¬†and simply and I’m home with my little one enjoying these simple moments!

It may seem like my life is boring but in reality, every single day is a new adventure!

2 Replies to “A Glimpse of the Everyday”

  1. Anyone who would think your days are boring has clearly never had any kids! They are wonderful, constant entertainment!

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