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Simplify | Frugal & Simple


Simplify. It seems like this word has unintentionally become my ‘word of the year’ or my ‘theme’. I am simplifying many areas of my life: wardrobe, meals, beauty routines and even my ‘online life’.

Last month, I shared my heart with you and asked for your input regarding this blog.

First, thank you for input! I was touched by your kind words and encouraged both to continue blogging here as well as in my role as a mama and wife!

I read through each of the comments and e-mails taking notes and gaining a better understanding of my dear readers!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been posting less frequently. I’ve posted about once a week this past month and while I do have plans to begin writing with more frequency soon, it has been wonderful to take a step back from my ‘online life’ and devote myself fully to my family.

To be completely honest with you, writing less has resulted in a cleaner house, a more relaxed home environment and I just feel like I¬†actually¬†have things together! Maybe I’m really on to something!

I’ve found:

  • A load of laundry a day helps to keep it under control.
  • Faithfully ironing once a week prevents a huge ironing pile that takes 2 hours to get through!
  • Washing dishes 2-3 times a day prevents a huge pile and makes my kitchen look nearly spotless!
  • Spending 10 minutes each evening putting things back where they belong makes the house seem neat.
  • Going through junk mail and filing important papers prevents a huge pile!
  • Quickly checking e-mail, Facebook and Twitter and then getting off of the computer is a huge time saver!

I feel that limiting my time online {blogging, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail} is the reason things have been so peaceful in our household lately.

What do you think? Is the internet a huge distraction for you? Have you set limitations?

Are you doing anything to simplify your life?