Simplifying the Storage Closet

Simplifying the storage closet was tackled after minimizing the office closet.

We have a large storage closet in our guest bathroom in our condo which is wonderful but it is tempting to fill it up since we have the space which doesn’t help when you’re striving towards rational minimalism!

I organized the space when we moved in 4 months ago but since then I’ve just been stuffing things into the closet and it was in disarray and of course needed to be pared down. It took just a little over an hour to declutter and reorganize. {Of course it would have only taken about 30 minutes but I had a little helper!}



I pulled most of the boxes out and went through them. I had maternity clothes that were ill fitting that I finally let go and reduced gift boxes {I only kept the cute ones that don’t need wrapped since I don’t own any wrapping paper!} I minimized my linens too.

My little helper. He loves doing what mama does! I enjoy watching him explore even though it makes my task more difficult!

Everything that left the closet! Some clothes, toys and gift wrap.

There are items in this storage closet that aren’t necessities but we are practicing rational minimalism and the closet contains things we need {linens}, will use {mason jars}, hope to use {maternity clothes} and things we enjoy {Christmas decorations}.

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What about your storage closet? Do you need to minimize – or at least organize?

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