My Heart & Your Input

I love this blog. I love writing, sharing glimpses of my life and I really love my readers and the friendships that have been formed through this blog.

However, I love my family more. The time that it takes to write multiple times a week takes precious time away from my family and I only have a few short years to be a mama to little ones.

As we’ve been minimizing and simplifying our belongings, we’ve also been simplifying our life. I want to focus more on the people in my life, spending time with them, investing in them and  loving them rather than putting a lot of time and energy into my life online.

No, I’m not ending Frugal and Simple. I will be posting less frequently and I’m not going to pressure myself to post 5 days a week!

I want to write about the things you, my dear readers, enjoy instead of whatever I feel about writing on any given day.

  • I’ve had a lot of inquiries about cloth diapering and we have a cloth diapering video series in the works.
  • Our journey towards rational minimalism seems to be of interest to many readers so it will continue.
  • I’ve received a lot of encouragement, suggestions and questions about our steps towards a green(er) life so I’ll continue to share these changes.

These are topics I’m going to continue  because many readers are interested in them.

In order to make Frugal and Simple better for you, I want to know:

  • What  would you like to see covered?
  • Do you enjoy posts about a green lifestyle (such as cloth diapering, sustainable living, less waste, etc.)?
  • Are the rational minimalism posts interesting?
  • Do you want more faith based posts?
  • Are posts about raising a child frugally interesting?
  • Do you want to read more about our family life?
  • Do you enjoy video posts?

I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes and answer some of these questions and share your likes, dislikes and give suggestions regarding the future content of Frugal and Simple.

Leave your response via a comment or send me an e-mail: rachel (at) frugalandsimple (dot) com.

Thank you so much for reading Frugal and Simple and for being an encouragement to me!

56 Replies to “My Heart & Your Input”

  1. I've been reading your posts for a long time. Frankly, I enjoy it all. I especially love the family section as I enjoy watching him grow and change. So, you see, I'm not much help, as I find it all entertaining. I love reading about every day life.

  2. I'm a wee sad you won't be posting as often, because I love your blog so much! It's one of the few blogs that I never miss a post on, lol. In regards to your question, my answer is 'All of the above'! I am loving your minimalism posts, posts on frugal child rearing, videos, green lifestyle and family life. I would also like to see more financial posts, like budgeting and goals – but I'm a numbers nerd!

    1. Hopefully the content I do share will be even better even though it will be less frequent! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I also am a numbers nerd and I need to share a more financial things here since it's something I really enjoy!

  3. Rachel,
    I have noticed you were posting less frequently, and was hoping it may be because you were pregnant again and dealing with morning sickness! But, even if that isn't the case, I still enjoy all your posts no matter how frequently they come. I am currently especially interested in your cloth diapering journey (I just received my first group of cloth diapers in the mail yesterday and will start using them on our daughter tonight) and your rational minimalism posts as I am currently working on going through our home and donating or selling unused items. All of the items that you listed in your post above are interesting to me and if the posts are less frequent (I aim to get one post per week to my blog!) I will look forward to them even more!

    Praying God blesses you in your goals,

  4. I am a long time lurker 😉 I love your rational minimalism and simplifying posts. I have been reading so many blogs on minimalism the past several months, and when you started I was excited to see what you were doing! I enjoyed your video posts in the past when you did them on your old blog. I love getting a "view" into blog writers' lives (pictures of their homes, grocery shopping, menus, recipes, etc). Faith-based posts could be interesting – particularly relating to moms and wives.

    1. Kristen,

      First, thank you for commenting and letting me know that you're a reader!! And thank you for sharing with me the topics you enjoy!!

  5. Rachel,

    I completely understand you wanting to simplify in all aspects of your life! Time is precious with your family and your children grow up so quickly. I really do enjoy your blog. I would like to see posts on green and substainable living, and love the simple cooking videos! I also really enjoy your simple sewing videos and would like to learn more on (upcycling) children's clothing. I'm not great with sewing, but would like to learn some simple things to start with. I thought the crayon roll for your Sunday school children was adorable and simple. I know you don't have a lot of time on your plate right now, but as time allows those would be some of the topics I would be interested in. Thanks for your time to this blog. God bless you and your family!! 🙂

    1. Yes, time is precious and my baby is growing up so fast (he's really not a baby anymore, he's quickly turning into a little boy!) Thank you for letting me know the topics you enjoy the most. I also love simple sewing projects…I need to take more time to sew and share some of those things!

  6. I am definitely interested in hearing more about your adventures with rational minimalism. I am reading the book and would love to see an example of it working in practice.

    I really enjoy the video posts. You come across really well on camera. I would love to see more cooking and sewing projects and just general stuff (e.g. I found your video about budgeting and wardrobe basics really interesting).

    I don't have a family so am personally not interested in advice about raising kids.

  7. Hey Rachel i really enjoy reading your blog! we are expecting our first baby in july and i plan on cloth diapering so i would LOVE if you share what you have learned so far 🙂 i also enjoy ALL your other topics too….i love the video post 🙂

    1. Congrats on your little one on the way! We've filmed some cloth diaper video posts so hopefully those will be helpful to you…(if we will stop procrastinating and get them up on the blog!!)

  8. Love Love your blog! I am really glad you are not quitting! I found your blog through my cousin's blog and yours is a favorite of mine. I love the recipes and have really enjoyed reading about the things you do to save money. I am a mom who works full time but I love to read your ideas and apply when I can. Your buffalo chicken dip and spinach dips are favorites of my family. I like the rational minimalism topics. I would like some additional faith based posts. I like the ideas you share about raising Paxton frugally, I try and apply many of the ideas with my one year old. Video posts are not my favorite – just my personal opinion. I look forward to reading more from you, A devoted blog reader

    1. Thank you so much for giving me your input! I'm glad you enjoy the recipes I've shared…we just love the buffalo chicken dip!! Thanks for reading the blog! 🙂

  9. I'm glad to hear you will be continuing to post.
    I am not able to check into your blog as much as I would like however, I do enjoy reading it =)
    For myself, I love the videos for living a simpler life. I enjoyed the simple, down home recipes a lot!
    I also appreciate your sharing your every day , run of the mill life and how it relates to your faith.
    Thanks for all your hard work. It is appreciated.

    1. Thank you for appreciating the time I put into blogging! I really love writing and sharing but it is time consuming and I love knowing that my readers really do enjoy the content! And thank you for sharing with me what you enjoy!

  10. I love hearing about the family and your journey to make your life more about the people and less about the stuff. The rational minimalist posts have inspired me to get the extra stuff out of my home too. I love your video posts too!

    I hope you find the balance you are seeking! I know you will find a system that works for you and your loves!


    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! Time management isn't easy but I'm hoping with a little effort and discipline things will be running more smoothly around here! Who knows, if I get the right system in place for our family I may have more time to blog. And thank you for letting me know the topics you enjoy the most and find inspiring!

  11. Hi Rachel! I appreciate your website tremendously! You inspire me to live a frugal life! Thanks! I would enjoy learning more about green living and rationalism. Your videos are good to learn step-by-step ways how to do things. More videos please!

    Possible ideas: grocery saving solutions, how to make food/meals by scratch, how to make frugal cleaning products

    Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Jennifer,

      I'm happy that I'm inspiring you to live more frugally! That's why I blog, I just love helping my readers live a frugal life!! 🙂 Thank you for letting me know the topics that are of the most interest to you and for the suggestions, I've written those down on my post idea list!!

  12. I completely understand and respect your decision to put your family first.

    I thought a while about what kinds of posts I really get a lot out of, and I realized the more frugal posts are my favorites. I enjoy reading about rational minimalism, the greener (and frugaler!) lifestyle, and how you're raising your child frugally. I'm less interested in the video post, actually, even though I do enjoy watching them.

    I do appreciate your blog. Thank you for what you do.

    1. Molly,

      I'm glad you enjoy the blog!! And thank you for sharing the posts that you get the most out of! {Seems like a lot of folks like the rational minimalism and greener living posts…you'll definitely be seeing more of those!!}

  13. No morning sickness or baby on the way here! {Although I'm sure hoping when/if I do get pregnant again the morning sickness won't hit so bad…I have horrible memories from the beginning of my last pregnancy!}

    Yay for cloth diapers! I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for sharing your input with me and thank you for reading!

  14. I too love your blog. It is only one of very few that I check multiple times a week. As a mother of a 27 month old and another due in 8 weeks I do understand the pull to spend quality time with your children. We have switched to cloth diapers with our oldest about 3 weeks ago and are looking forward to using them with our next. Your blog helped me to see that it can be done. I also understand as Paxton gets older he demands more attention and interaction from you. I love all the topics you cover and you are an inspiration to our family, but understand you need to do what is best for you and your family.

    1. Congrats on your new baby on the way! So exciting!! And I hope you are enjoying cloth diapering, especially saving tons of money!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about the blog topics!!

  15. Hi Rachel!
    I'm another long-time lurker. I enjoy your blog very much. Anything you choose to post will be great! It's really nice to read about someone with a life purpose that is similar to my own and gather ideas. Thanks for the great work!

  16. I simply love reading your posts. I hope you continue doing exactly as you have been, kind of mixing in all kinds of information – going green, being frugal, religion, saving money, cooking, family, etc. Your wealth of information has been very helpful to me in more ways than I can count!

    1. I also like sharing a variety! There are so many different things I'm interested in and love to share! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

  17. I'll just kind of echo what everyone else has been saying. I enjoy reading about all the topics you listed, for me it's interesting to read posts on a variety of topics. Thanks for continuing to blog, I'm sure that it must take up a lot of time. I definately understand that you have to enjoy your little ones while you can 🙂

    1. I like variety too! And since most everyone really likes variety the posts will probably continue to be a wide variety of topics! Thanks for sharing your opinion! 🙂

  18. I haven't really been reading your blog for that long (in fact I need to find some time to have a proper look through your older posts). But I wanted to say that I really enjoy it as it is and I find the best blogs to read are where the author is writing about what they enjoy/inspires them so I'd say write what you feel passionate about or love! Stacey x

  19. I'm also a lurker and love your posts on minimalism and your financial goals–very inspiring! I have a little one at home as well, so I understand the need to make more time in your schedule for family!

  20. I like your video posts and would like to read and watch about saving money on every day things like food, clothes etc.

  21. I am excited about reading your journey towards rational minimalism. I also really liked your cooking videos, wardrobe video and your budgeting video. I am not very "green" and I don't have babies anymore, but I love your frugal posts and your recipe plans.

  22. Hi Rachel:

    I love the videos, and your tips on frugality and minimalism. My daughter has two toddlers (1 and 2),
    so I can imagine 5 days/week would be difficult. Each day is unpredictable (sleepless nights, teething,
    fussy times, and just keeping them out of trouble)! Whatever you can do will be wonderful.

  23. I simply LOVE your blog. I really enjoy following you on your journey to simplify your life, home and relationships.
    Since I am too on a journey to simplify my life and be more frugal I would love for you to continue posting on those topics. I am a stay at home mom of 3 planning (well trying) for more so more post on frugal child rearing would be wonderful. Along with clothe diapering information.

  24. I originally found your blog via one of your recipe video's — I really do enjoy those. I also like the posts regarding going green. However all the others are just as interesting. It is very understandable wanting to spend more time with family – it's hard for us to balance everything. Do what is right for you & your family!!

  25. Hi Rachel,

    I love your blog and the dedication it takes on your part to maintain it. :o) I've always loved your faith-based posts as they always seem to come when I need extra encouragement. I also enjoy the video posts and hearing about your journey towards rational minimalism. The recipes you post are awesome as well! My son was just asking when I was going to make the buffalo ranch dip again. Lol.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  26. I like reading your green lifestyle posts, minimilism, and I enjoy reading about your family life too. Thanks for your great blog 🙂

  27. I don't have any "new" comment to add, but would just like to say that I too, love the variety. And no matter how often you post I will continue to read. I am intrigued by the rational minimalist idea. I never knew that what I did had a name. Now, I'm not exactly sure what I am doing is this, but it sure seems like it. I have "ordered" the book from the library and can't wait for it to come in. Keep posting and I''ll keep reading.
    As you know, time with our babes fly by. We need to take the time to be present when we are with them and anyone that doesn't understand either. a: does't have kiddos or b: isn't very understanding.

  28. This is a continuation from the above comment: I have a licensed homebased chocolate business and in 2009 I let my customers know that I wouldn't be making chocolate. I had made chocolate after my twins were born and then 28 months later again at Christmas after my 3 child was born. And even after my 4th child was born. But when my 4th child was 2 years old it was just too much and for some unknown reason to me, I just couldn't do it! It was too much. I was able to make chocolate again this year. I did lose some customers, but I have my sanity, and no guilt about what I did. I had always promised myself that I would put my family first and I did. I just didn't think it would be then. I will never look back and regret that I didn't fill someones order! And I sure hope that I don't look back and feel I didn't put my Family First..
    Above all in my home, my family comes first.

  29. Rachel, I love all your posts, but especially love it when you discuss your frugal menu planning… in these sad economic times, there are so many families that need help in seeing that there are others out there who have similar problems… I think that once a month you should post your monthly menu planning – how you find coupons, sales, savings to help with your grocery budget… Especially since you are raising a young child who is now beginning to eat table food, the amounts you need to cook are increasing… Explain how you do it, what your budget is and how you stick to it… a recipe or two also might be great – I remember you discussing certain dishes, wasn't there one with venison?

  30. I find your blogs on budgeting most helpful to me…I loved reading about how you guys were meeting your budget goals through the year, and the grocery/food blogs where you talked about how you saved on groceries were so so helpful. Although, I know you may have had to spend a little less time on these things since Paxton came around. I also love reading about family life and rational minimism.

  31. Rachel, your video posts are so nicely done. You speak well and are so calm and confident , and you've got a really good videographer. : ) I enjoyed some of the recipe videos, because it gives me new ideas and you make it look easy, like it's not a big deal to make food! Something else that would be fun is to read or hear you tell your love story. I'm so intrigued by the fact that you got married at the tender age of 19–I was 25 and grateful for every year God took to prepare me. I affirm you in your desire to put your family first, even at the expense of your blog. But know that I also really enjoy your posts. Blessings to you and your men!

  32. Hi Rachel, I enjoy your recipes and money saving grocery tips. Don't put too much pressure on yourself! BARB

  33. Yes to a greener lifestyle! I have been making my own cleaners for awhile, but not everything and I want like oven cleaner, and bathroom cleaners. And also, eating organic foods and composting, cloth diapering…all the green things you're family is doing!
    I'm loving your rational minimalism posts as well. It's an encouragement to read that you have the same goals in mind, but you seem to be able to get it down well and tell us how its going. It's an encouragement, as i sometimes have a hard time getting started.
    Faith based posts definitely. As a new mom, juggling life is tough, especially finding time to be with the Lord. I would love to know what you're reading when you read the Bible. Do you go through a book at a time? do you follow a yearly guide? do you have a bible study book you read through?
    I like to read your family blog and see P growing up and how you raise him on a limited budget and teach him your frugal ways. In the world today where kids are taught they can have whatever they want, whenever they want, it's nice to see how you handle it and what strides you're taking to teach him your frugal ways.
    I do love your financial posts as well, how you save, where you're money goes.
    I would like to see more about your gardening (if you start that up again). I'm wanting to try my hand at it, but am unsure where to start.
    And I like the video posts.
    And your recipes, I love recipes, more recipes! And what you're doing to eat healthier, the steps you're taking to get there.

  34. Rachel, I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it. Very popular bloggers like Leo Babauta often bring in guest posters to help bear the weight. I would suggest you line up a schedule of invitations for guest posts once or twice a week, and consider making that a regular thing. It gives you a break, and it gives them exposure for their blogs. It's a win-win. Down the road a bit, I hope I'm on your list. 🙂

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