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My Heart & Your Input | Frugal & Simple

My Heart & Your Input

I love this blog. I love writing, sharing glimpses of my life and I really love my readers and the friendships that have been formed through this blog.

However, I love my family more. The time that it takes to write multiple times a week takes precious time away from my family and I only have a few short years to be a mama to little ones.

As we’ve been minimizing and simplifying our belongings, we’ve also been simplifying our life. I want to focus more on the people in my life, spending time with them, investing in them and  loving them rather than putting a lot of time and energy into my life online.

No, I’m not ending Frugal and Simple. I will be posting less frequently and I’m not going to pressure myself to post 5 days a week!

I want to write about the things you, my dear readers, enjoy instead of whatever I feel about writing on any given day.

  • I’ve had a lot of inquiries about cloth diapering and we have a cloth diapering video series in the works.
  • Our journey towards rational minimalism seems to be of interest to many readers so it will continue.
  • I’ve received a lot of encouragement, suggestions and questions about our steps towards a green(er) life so I’ll continue to share these changes.

These are topics I’m going to continue  because many readers are interested in them.

In order to make Frugal and Simple better for you, I want to know:

  • What  would you like to see covered?
  • Do you enjoy posts about a green lifestyle (such as cloth diapering, sustainable living, less waste, etc.)?
  • Are the rational minimalism posts interesting?
  • Do you want more faith based posts?
  • Are posts about raising a child frugally interesting?
  • Do you want to read more about our family life?
  • Do you enjoy video posts?

I would really appreciate if you would take a few minutes and answer some of these questions and share your likes, dislikes and give suggestions regarding the future content of Frugal and Simple.

Leave your response via a comment or send me an e-mail: rachel (at) frugalandsimple (dot) com.

Thank you so much for reading Frugal and Simple and for being an encouragement to me!