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Minimizing the Office Closet | Frugal & Simple

Minimizing the Office Closet

After tackling our wardrobe, our next rational minimalism project was tackling the guest room/office, mainly the office closet!

The closet wasn’t all that bad but it was full of several unused and unnecessary items that needed to go. It seems we’ve always had issues keeping our office clutter free.


This was a week long project! We worked on it several hours one weekend, worked in short spurts through the week and finished up the next weekend.

  1. Pull everything out of the closet. This helped us to thoroughly evaluate if items were necessary or not.
  2. Go through filed papers. We have a pretty good filing system but we tend to keep too much unnecessary paperwork {such as grocery receipts from 6 months ago!} We went through the file cabinet and probably shredded about half of the filed papers. We’re also considering getting a smaller file storage system so we can’t hold on to too much.
  3. Go through storage totes. My husband had cables, power cords, batteries and all other kinds of electronic accessories in 3 storage tubs. We went through these and consolidated down to 2! {A bonus, we needed a storage tote for Paxton’s outgrown baby clothes. One of the totes were repurposed which saved money!}
  4. If an item isn’t being used, let it go! We had several electronics that we just don’t use any longer that were just taking up valuable space.
  5. Sell unwanted items. We listed several items on Craigslist and so far have sold an old cell phone and DVD player and have made $40 off of our clutter! We also may list a few items on eBay.

The left side of the closet which contains mostly empty boxes. My husband likes to hold onto electronic boxes claiming it makes them more valuable upon resale. Since he likes to upgrade gadgets fairly often I’m okay with holding onto some of those boxes.

The right side holds our old FFA jackets in the garment bag, a few toys from John David’s childhood, totes of electronic gear and cameras. The cameras, which are in the 3 large cases, may be leaving too since my husband rarely films now that he’s working as a technical director and filming is part of his job!

Our office may be very minimal to some and cluttered to others, but it is minimal, organized and simple to us. That’s the beauty of rational minimalism!

Do you have a home office? Is it cluttered with unnecessary paperwork and supplies? Have you reached the balance of keeping your office space simplified?