Minimizing Our Wardrobe

Minimizing our wardrobe was the starting point on our journey towards rational minimalism.

Our closet was already fairly minimal due to downsizing from a walk in closet to a smaller closet when we moved a few months ago. We didn’t have an abundance of clothes but we still had too many items that we didn’t wear that were just taking up space.



It’s not a huge visible difference but it really has made a big difference for us! It’s simple, organized and minimal.

{Notice I got rid of almost all of my pink items, I’ve realized that pink just is not my color!}

Tips for cleaning out your closet:

  1. Pull everything out!
  2. Put back the items you love.
  3. Try on the other items, if it doesn’t fit, feel comfortable or look good, let it go!
  4. If there is anything in question, simply turn the hanger around backwards when you put it back in the closet; you’ll know if you have worn it when you clean out again.

Tips for cleaning out your husbands side {and making it easier for him}:

  • Pull out the items that are worn, torn or look bad {men will wear clothes forever!}
  • Pull out the items he hasn’t worn in months {or even years!}
  • Let him evaluate these.

We’re enjoying our simplified wardrobes. I am amazed that it is so much easier to “find something to wear” when I have less clothing.Β The items that remain are pieces that we like to wear and wear often.

{And I do believe I have fewer clothes than my husband does – how many women can say that?}

Simple. Organized. Minimal. These words now describe our closet and our wardrobe!

Do you have a minimal wardrobe or is your closet brimming with never worn clothes that are outdated, ill fitted or worn?

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  1. We are working on minimalizing our closets as well. I've found that I have much less clothing than my husband does too! But this is because he has all these "work clothes" that I don't have. Paring down makes laundry easier too, because if you 'get behind' you're not faced with a mountain of clothes that takes days and days to wash! I still have a ways to go though, but I've found mainly I've been hanging onto pieces because I need something to replace them (I can thank buying only maternity clothes for a yr for that one!).

    1. I suppose adding work clothes in for men makes them have more than most stay at home moms! My hubby does wear the same clothes for work/church/everyday but he actually leaves the house almost every day! I do think he has more because we buy higher quality/more expensive items for him that he loves. I tend to just wear hand-me-downs and things I pick up at thrift stores/yard sales/ on clearance so I don't have many items I bought specifically for me and my taste. And yes, I agree with the ease of laundry…the same goes for Paxton's clothing! (Isn't it amazing how much laundry one tiny person can create even with cloth diapers excluded?)

  2. I have fewer clothes than my husband. πŸ™‚ It’s because I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last year, so I got rid of nearly ALL my old clothes. The ones I have left are ones I wear on a weekly basis. And I haven’t repurchased my whole wardrobe because I’m not done losing weight, and we now have a W/D in the apartment (wooooot!), so I don’t have to have so many clothes!
    I’m really looking forward to more of these rational minimalism posts.

    1. First, congrats on losing 30 pounds…that's the most exciting reason to have to pare down your wardrobe!! And it's amazing having your own washer/dryer isn't it? We used a laundromat for the first 2 years of our marriage and I don't miss that at all! I don't complain about doing laundry because it is so easy when you have a washer/dryer actually in your home!

  3. I just did this to my closet a few weeks ago. And I know that I have less clothes than my husband! He has at least 4 times what I have. (Only because he hasn't cleaned his out yet!) I have mine down to 5 work outfits, 5 casual at home outfits, 2 special occasion outfits and workout gear. It has made it so simple for me to chose something to wear everyday!

  4. Great job! Jacob definitely has way more clothes than I do too. LOL. Guess I'm just not a big fan of shopping.

    1. I am not a fan of shopping at all, especially clothes shopping! It's typically a waste of time for me and then the items I do like are way too expensive! It's so funny our hubby's have more clothes!!

  5. I need to do this! Especially with Kenny's side of the closet. Maybe I can sweet talk him into letting me help him sort through his clothes πŸ™‚

    1. Men just hate going through their clothes it seems! My daddy rarely got rid of anything and my husband is less than enthusiastic when I mention cleaning out! He was mostly cheerful with this closet cleaning since he agrees we have too much and need to simplify!

  6. Thank you for this post, my husband and I were getting ready to go to a friends house last night and we both must have changed clothes 3-4 times…I laughed and told him it was because we have too many items to choose from!

    1. It's amazing to me that it's harder to find something to wear when you have more clothes and so much easier to get dressed when you have less! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. Wow! Great work on the closet! My problem area is shoes! Do you have any suggestions for what is a "simple" amount of shoes?
    Your blog is fantastic! I am so glad you do this!

    1. I don't have an excessive amount of shoes nor are they minimal. I have black & brown nice boots, black & brown cowboy boots (my primary winter footwear), black & brown flats, black pumps, black & brown flip flops, white dress shoes, a pair of work boots, tennis shoes and clogs for slipping on and doing things outside! Pretty dull and not exactly stylish but I find having the basics for black and brown mean I have shoes to wear with everything! This works for me but I'm not a shoe person either, in fact I hate shopping for shoes! Thanks for reading the blog, I'm glad you enjoy it!

  8. I'm finding it interesting that most of the women who have commented have less clothes than their husbands!! I'm very impressed with your wardrobe. That's simple and seems wonderful to me! I've got more clothes than that but I admire those who have incredibly simple wardrobes.

  9. I not only have less clothes than my husband, I have less shoes, and MUCH less general "stuff," I can't even get him to throw away old costumes from dress-up parties! I reckon the stereotype may be a myth.

  10. Yup! I also have less clothes than my husband. Partly because I have just gone through mine and partly because I stay at home to care for our kids and he is the paycheck. I do have more shoes than him. I hate shoe and clothes shopping. I am basically a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal who wears tennies most of the time. Its what is comfortable and is what works for me at this time. I do have a few "dressy" outfits and dress shoes, but plan on getting rid of more clothes as soon as I am finished losing weight too. Even though I have cleaned out my closet I am going to do this again in a few months to see if I have worn some of the clothes I kept just in case I wanted them. It is very freeing to have a clutter free house and most of the time I don't miss what I got rid of.
    I really enjoy the posts.

    1. I also don't like clothes and shoes shopping! And a clutter free home is so freeing! There have been a few times that I think about things I've gotten rid of and briefly wish I hadn't but those thoughts are fleeting and it's so much better to just let it go! πŸ™‚

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