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Minimizing Our Wardrobe | Frugal & Simple

Minimizing Our Wardrobe

Minimizing our wardrobe was the starting point on our journey towards rational minimalism.

Our closet was already fairly minimal due to downsizing from a walk in closet to a smaller closet when we moved a few months ago. We didn’t have an abundance of clothes but we still had too many items that we didn’t wear that were just taking up space.



It’s not a huge visible difference but it really has made a big difference for us! It’s simple, organized and minimal.

{Notice I got rid of almost all of my pink items, I’ve realized that pink just is not my color!}

Tips for cleaning out your closet:

  1. Pull everything out!
  2. Put back the items you love.
  3. Try on the other items, if it doesn’t fit, feel comfortable or look good, let it go!
  4. If there is anything in question, simply turn the hanger around backwards when you put it back in the closet; you’ll know if you have worn it when you clean out again.

Tips for cleaning out your husbands side {and making it easier for him}:

  • Pull out the items that are worn, torn or look bad {men will wear clothes forever!}
  • Pull out the items he hasn’t worn in months {or even years!}
  • Let him evaluate these.

We’re enjoying our simplified wardrobes. I am amazed that it is so much easier to “find something to wear” when I have less clothing.┬áThe items that remain are pieces that we like to wear and wear often.

{And I do believe I have fewer clothes than my husband does – how many women can say that?}

Simple. Organized. Minimal. These words now describe our closet and our wardrobe!

Do you have a minimal wardrobe or is your closet brimming with never worn clothes that are outdated, ill fitted or worn?