Tutorial: Baby Tie

I was inspired to make a tie for Paxton a few months ago for him to wear to a wedding. The sweet baby tie turned out much cuter than I anticipated and he received lots of comments on it! {It’s hard to resist a baby in a tie!}

This little tie was so simple to make. It took about an hour and cost nothing since I used fabric in my stash!


  • Fabric (around 42 inches in length)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle


Step 1: Cut your fabric into a long strip. I cut my fabric 42 inches long * and it was 2.5 inches at the narrowest point and approximately 3.5 at the widest (I made the bottom a little wider).

*This made a long tie for a small baby but it was easy to tie and we just tucked the extra in his shirt, plus he can wear it for a couple years since it is longer! You also may want to cut it a little wider to make it easier to flip!


Step 2: Fold the fabric in half and pin.


Step 3: Stitch up the tie. {Be sure to leave a an inch or so at the beginning to make flipping a little easier!}


Step 4: Stitch the tie end. {I cut a crude triangle  to use as my guide!}


Step 5: Flip inside out. {This was the most time consuming part of the entire project! It took about 25 minutes to flip since it was so narrow. I used a crochet hook to help me! Again, you may want to make your tie a little wider so the flipping will take less time!}


Step 6: Iron tie. Tuck the open end and press to make hand stitching easier!


Step 7: Hand stitch the open end and you’re finished! {And then have your husband tie the tie!}


Your baby instantly looks like a handsome little man with a tie on! {Fair warning, you will want to take a ton of pictures!}

If you can sew a straight stitch you can make this baby tie!

What are you waiting for? Go make an adorable baby tie!

And, I’d love to see pictures of your babies in their ties!

Send me a picture if you make one: rachel (at) frugalandsimple (dot) com!

Happy sewing!

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12 Replies to “Tutorial: Baby Tie”

  1. Awesome! Very simple, I've seen some pretty complicated tutorials for tie making. Thanks!! For my bigger boys (4 and 6) I have been buying $5 ties at Ross. If you get the skinny teenager ones they aren't too wide for a kiddo. You just tie it the right length ant cut off the excess. I may stitch the end if it starts to unravel but I've made 4 that way and they're way cute!

  2. can you show how to make one that is more like a clip on tie only has velcro straps around the neck so it would come undone if it got stuck in something? I have purchased some like this or they came with little outfits. I worry about my child getting hurt with something around his neck.

    1. When I was making this, I was initially going to do a velcro neck but this was much simpler and since he only wore it for 2 hours I went with the simpler version! I completely understand your concerns!

  3. Saw your link on Money Saving Mom. This is adorable and sooo simple. I'll be making a matching set for my toddler and newborn for a wedding this summer. Won't that be cute? Thanks for the great instructions!

  4. I'm sure you've received some comments on this. This tie is a strangulation hazard. What I do is tie the tie, cut the neck loop. Then sew some velcro onto the neck loop and fasten that way.

    1. Yes, I have. I understand the concerns and honestly was going to do a velcro neck but did this because it was simpler and my son only wore this for about 2 hours at a wedding and was held the entire time (and was not mobile at the time!) so I wasn't worried about strangulation.

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