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Homemade Baby Food | Frugal & Simple

Homemade Baby Food

Homemade baby food is healthy for your baby, easy to make and saves money! About a month before Paxton was started on solids, I started cooking, pureeing and freezing apples, pears, carrots and green beans to stock up.

I simply boiled the carrots and green beans then strained and pureed. With the apples and pears, I made apple sauce and pear sauce and pureed.

Once the food is pureed, I spooned it in ice cube trays and popped into the freezer and froze until solid.

When the baby food is frozen, I popped it out and put it in a freezer bag.

I pulled out cubes of food to defrost in the fridge the night before. {My small Pyrex containers are perfect for storing baby food!}

I wake up to defrosted homemade baby food ready for Paxton to eat! {It’s hard to believe but we’re past the pureed baby food stage and moving on to table foods! We have half a freezer bag of apple sauce left from my second round of making applesauce this fall. The rest of the foods are long gone!}

When he first started on solids, he’d eat 1-2 cubes, as he got older he ate 3-4. Now he can wipe out 4-6 cubes of apple sauce!

Having the applesauce, pear sauce, green beans and carrots in the freezer saved so much time! I only had to defrost these foods and they were the staples of his diet. I made other foods like sweet potatoes and peas that I fed him fresh.

Making your own baby food is so simple and with a little planning it can be easy and convenient – without paying the price for convenience!