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Babies come with a lot of stuff – or do they? In our culture, we’re told that that babies needs tons of stuff but the reality is they just want to be loved, fed, warm and they want your attention!

Many “must have” lists for mama’s of mobile babies include activity tables. These small, plastic “tables” have a few little activities on them and cost around $40.

We’ll pass! We’d rather not pay that much for a cheap plastic table with a set amount of activities that our son is only going to use a few months. And then it just becomes added clutter because it’s a “must have” for our next child and we’re “saving money” by holding on to it!

We’ve found that our coffee table is a fabulous activity table!

Since our son is mobile, we relocated all the items that were on the coffee table and now it’s bare. {This new bare coffee table makes our living room feel so uncluttered!}

We put toys on it and he is able to stand at the table, move all the way around and play with different toys. He enjoys playing at his {frugal} activity table!

And, we didn’t spend $40, have less stuff in our home, won’t have to worry about storage of a large toy and our coffee table still serves its purpose { at least in the evenings once baby is in bed!}


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  1. This post reminds me of another blogger I follow Penniless Parenting, she has a Needs vs. Wants section on her blog that this reminds me of. I think as people and as parents especially, we go by what society tells us we have to have and lose sight of common sense. Great post.

    1. Yes we have lost sight of common sense in so many areas of our lives! {And I checked out Penniless Parenting…I like the site, thanks for mentioning it!!}

  2. Glad you found something you could use. We borrowed an exersaucer from a friend and then passed it back when she needed it and then borrowed it again when we needed it. Another alternative to keeping the "clutter" down. 🙂

    1. I think borrowing is a wonderful thing!! I'd much rather borrow baby items that are only used for a few months than buy them and feel the need to store! We borrowed our baby swing and have no regrets since he's long been out of it!!

  3. This is great! I am a family childcare provider and mom of three myself. I have found children to be more content with a few quality choices rather than a room full of cheap stuff. The best thing about your coffee table is that your baby can hold on to it, balance, and stand with out pulling the whole thing over, this can happen with those light weight plastic tables. Along time a go I had my husband cut holes in an old coffee table and we inserted plastic tubs in it for a sensory table. We were able to put the lids on the tubs when needed. It was great 🙂

    1. I love the idea of making your own sensory table…much sturdier!! And I am constantly amazed that Paxton will play with his toys for a few minutes at a time but he is content for a long time playing with his sippy cups and bowls or with blankets or books! Children love simple, real things!

  4. I love this.
    It took until my second pregnancy to realize that we didn't need all that crazy plastic stuff. We had tons with Austin, and then I realized that toys were taking over my house. Now? We rotate toys. And it's awesome. New toys every few weeks!!
    We've recently given the boys our coffee table to use as a train table. And it's awesome!
    I've also moved the toy box out of the living room and replaced it with baskets that hide under the table. The floor is clear for their bigger toys, and their train stuff stays on the table- so I don't step on it all day long! 🙂
    Win. Win.

    I love his little bear butt. 🙂 So cute.
    He's growing so big. So big. So fast.

    1. I've heard great things about toy rotation…I think I'm going to adopt that here! And he is getting so big…I can't believe how much and how fast he's changing!

  5. Great post! The opening you wrote reminded me of a documentary that came out about a year ago called 'Babies.' It follows the first year of babies from four different cultures and it is so, so amazing to see how the US compared to Japan/Nigeria/Mongolia (I think those are the countries.) It was eye-opening. We have so.much.stuff. It's incredible the amount of "necessary" items we are told we "need."

    We have so, so much baby stuff sitting in our storage unit as we live with family and I am so excited for the day to come when we empty the unit and I can PURGE! Living with 90% of our belongings in storage has just been awesome. We don't need at least half of it!

    Thanks for the reminder! I loved this post!

    1. We've watched 'Babies'!! It was interesting, especially seeing how little they have and how their babies develop just as well even though they don't have what Americans deem as "necessary"!! I can imagine living with only 10% of your items has to feel freeing…we're undertaking another round of purging here and with everything we pull out to donate and store, I feel just a little more freedom!!

  6. You are so right!!! You could even store a cute little basket under the table to hold his little toys. Good for you for being smart enough to not fall for that trap of what babies "need"!

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