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Activity Table

Babies come with a lot of stuff – or do they? In our culture, we’re told that that babies needs tons of stuff but the reality is they just want to be loved, fed, warm and they want your attention!

Many “must have” lists for mama’s of mobile babies include activity tables. These small, plastic “tables” have a few little activities on them and cost around $40.

We’ll pass! We’d rather not pay that much for a cheap plastic table with a set amount of activities that our son is only going to use a few months. And then it just becomes added clutter because it’s a “must have” for our next child and we’re “saving money” by holding on to it!

We’ve found that our coffee table is a fabulous activity table!

Since our son is mobile, we relocated all the items that were on the coffee table and now it’s bare. {This new bare coffee table makes our living room feel so uncluttered!}

We put toys on it and he is able to stand at the table, move all the way around and play with different toys. He enjoys playing at his {frugal} activity table!

And, we didn’t spend $40, have less stuff in our home, won’t have to worry about storage of a large toy and our coffee table still serves its purpose { at least in the evenings once baby is in bed!}