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When Frugality is Not a Priority | Frugal & Simple

When Frugality is Not a Priority

We’re frugal. Our friends, family,¬†acquaintances and blog readers know that!

There are sometimes, though, when frugality is not a priority.

This past weekend was one of those times. John David and I were very sick, at the same time. {You can read the whole story on our family blog.}

Our sickness resulted in a late night trip to the ER for me. {A $250 co-pay later, I was hydrated. I’m dreading the possibility of more bills!}

My very sick husband was not dehydrated and not admitted so he ran to get some Gatorade and Pepto while I was receiving fluids. He told me, “I ignored prices and then threw the receipt away on my way out the door!”

The next day he ran to get some Chicken Noodle Soup {we didn’t feel like making homemade soup}, Pedialyte {he did purchase the off brand!} and juice. He confessed, “I didn’t even care about the prices, I just wanted to get back home.”

As we were talking about his trips, once we were feeling better, we both agreed that sometimes it’s okay to not practice extreme frugality.¬†Sure, spending $250 on a trip to the ER seems excessive when you’re healthy but when you are extremely ill, it’s completely worth it. When you are sick and just need medicine and foods that will make you feel better and rehydrate, it’s okay to just grab the first thing that looks appetizing and nutritious. At times, like when you’re sick,¬†frugality is not a priority.