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Layering for Baby | Frugal & Simple

Layering for Baby

Now that it’s winter, Paxton wears long sleeve shirts and pants; it’s what we wear so we dress him to the “warmth level” that we’re comfortable with. However, he had many more short sleeve onesies and shirts than long sleeves. I really didn’t want him getting chilled and I also wanted him to be able to wear those cute shirts!

The solution? Layering onesies!

Not only is the layered look practical and frugal, {you are stretching your child’s wardrobe} it is adorable!

You can take an inexpensive t-shirt, like Paxton’s Tonka tee I found on clearance for $1.73, layer over a long sleeve onesie and it’s ready for winter wear. Baby has long sleeves and his belly doesn’t catch a draft either!

We have 4 white onesies that we use to layer with.  Of course, any color long sleeve onesie you have would work for layering, white just works best for us since it matches everything!

You can purchase 3-packs of white/solid long sleeve onesies at Old Navy for $10 or check out yard sales and thrift stores to pick a couple up for $1 or $2! {We were given a 3-pack as a shower gift and one came with an outfit, had we not received them we would have went thrifting for them!}

This is also a great way to save money on baby clothes if your children were born in different seasons, your second child can wear their older siblings short sleeve shirts in the fall and winter, saving you money!