Restoring Order

Christmas always seems to leave my house in disarray. With the influx of gifts and Christmas decorations it starts feeling cluttered.

There was stuff all over the house that had been piling up over the course of the past two weeks and it was time to find a place for everything! I spent the past two days working on restoring order in my home!

I tackled each room individually, removing everything that didn’t belong, cleaning, vacuuming and finding a place for everything!

Tips for successfully restoring order:

:: Pick one room at a time and work in there only!

:: Have a basket or box where you are working to place things that belong in other rooms! This saves a lot of time!

:: Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you no longer use or like!

:: Reorganizing closets and cabinets may take a little extra time but it’s worth the effort!

Thanks to having an uncluttered and clean home, I was able to really relax and spend some time writing my goals for 2011!

6 Replies to “Restoring Order”

  1. when i try to put the things in the basket to put away, after i'm done cleaning the room, i dont feel loike putting the stuff away. so they sit in the basket forever!

    looks great! i love your living room

  2. I was doing the same thing today! I felt like I was going crazy if I didn't get rid of boxes and piles of clutter! I managed to get my husband to mop and flatten boxes to throw out.

    1. I have those same feelings of going crazy when the house gets cluttered! Once it reaches a certain level of clutter/messy I must clean or I will go absolutely crazy! I'm impressed that you got your husband to mop! Mopping is one of my most disliked chores…it doesn't happen too often around here!

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