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Our Simple Christmas | Frugal & Simple

Our Simple Christmas

Our family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas! What a surprise it was to wake up to a white Christmas and still see the snow falling! I loved the gift of snow and was filled with excitement about Paxton’s first Christmas being white!

We began our Christmas morning sipping on coffee and hot tea and eating delicious cinnamon rolls. While we were eating breakfast, we read through our Adorenaments book and decorated our small tree with ornaments that represent different names of Jesus.

We enjoyed reading through the names of Jesus and plan to use these in future years in the days leading up to Christmas instead of reading through all of the names on Christmas morning. It was wonderful reading through the different names like”Lion of Judah” and “Bread of Life” and reflecting on the gift that God sent the world in the form of a tiny baby!

We desire to keep Christmas very simple at our home and focus more on the birth of Christ than on gifts. This year John David and I decided not to exchange gifts and we gave Paxton 3 gifts.

His first gift was a beautiful set of wooden blocks. He already is enjoying chewing on them and mama and daddy are enjoying spelling with them, I’ve already left John David an “I love you” block note on the coffee table!

After Paxton stopped nibbling on the wrapped gifts, he did a pretty good job opening his presents! Of course we had to watch him because once he pulled off a piece of paper, he wanted to eat it! We did have fun watching him open his presents though!

His second gift was a “slide and find” truck book. He enjoyed reading it with daddy right after he opened it!

Paxton’s third gift was a big truck book. It’s full of farm trucks, big trucks, town trucks and is a wonderful book for boys of all ages! Of course when this book was opened, Paxton and Daddy looked through it together and I’m sure they’ll read through this one together many times in the coming years!

He loves looking at the pictures of all the different kinds of bright trucks!

We spent Christmas day just being together. I stayed in my pajamas all day long, we played with Paxton’s new blocks and his other toys from his grandparents, aunts and uncles, we sipped on egg nog, we let Paxton take a long bath and play, we nibbled on some of our favorite foods and enjoyed the snow!

Our Christmas was simple and wonderful, celebrating the birth of our savior and spending time with family!