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Extreme Frugality

Extreme frugality is being practiced by the Boreings these days. Owning a home and renting definitely has put us in a tight financial spot. We are still “in the black” each month but it’s with careful spending that we are achieving this.

One positive to this, we’re learning how to be even more frugal!

Our $160 grocery budget has been cut to $100 for the month of December. Somehow we’re halfway through the month and have only spent about $7 (actually we know how- God provides!) We have plenty meat in the freezer, about 20 pounds of wheat, plenty of potatoes (thanks to John David’s mom and my grandpa) and are making most everything from scratch and avoiding all convenience foods! We are not being picky about what we eat and we’ve been stretching our food as far as it will go (example: 2 split breasts have made us 2 servings of chicken and rice, 4 servings of chicken noodle soup and 2 bbq chicken quesadillas!)

Our $60 miscellaneous budget has been reduced to $20 and so far we’ve yet to purchase anything! Staying out of stores really helps. I’m so thankful that we’re cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and making our own baby food, we really couldn’t afford to purchase diapers, formula and baby food these days!

We’re not eating out and we’re trying to combine errands to save on gas as much as we can. I am borrowing books and videos from the library – several of the books have been on frugal living! I borrowed and read through<The Complete Tightwad Gazette, that was very inspiring!

As for Christmas, thankfully we had saved a little money throughout the year. We’re working with a $175 budget. We’ve managed to purchase small gifts for our families, used Swagbucks to purchase Paxton’s gifts and aren’t buying each other anything.

We have faith our house will sell and until then, we know God will provide for our every need and we’ll learn how to practice extreme frugality better than we did before!