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Maybe I’m a Messie | Frugal & Simple

Maybe I’m a Messie

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I’m a messie!

Yes, I love neatness, organization, order and simplicity. And I did organize my closet and drawers for fun as a child.

But, lately keeping our home neat and orderly has not been easy. I’ve been allowing piles to accumulate: junk mail in the kitchen, bills on my desk, laundry to iron in our bedroom. Add to my messiness, a 7-month-old who loves playing with toys and makes huge messes wherever he is and you get a home that feels really cluttered.

Allowing papers to begin piling up in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster! The cluttered spot becomes a magnet for more stuff and then you start saying, “I’ll get to that later.”

We’ve somehow become content with allowing our garage to be cluttered! We’ve been here 2 months and have neglected taking recycling off and getting rid of things! Now that it is 20 degrees, I really want a warm car to put my baby in!

The master bedroom is still not put together at all! Plus I am letting laundry pile up instead of promptly putting it away (there is a huge pile waiting to be ironed in the corner!) And the bed hasn’t been made in nearly a week!

Am I a messie? I hope not! Right now I’m arguing that adjusting to an active child, recovering from sickness and deadline week and maybe just a bit of laziness is the reason my house is messy.

I still love clutter free spaces. In fact, after I snapped these pictures I took 10 minutes in the kitchen, living room and master and put things back in their proper places and tossed some things. It made the spaces look so much better!

Right now, I’m planning a decluttering day next week in preparation for Christmas (see, that is the real me, the one who loves neatness, order and┬áminimalism!)

I am not a messie, I am not a messie, I am not a messie!