Sick Days

The past few days have been sick days in the Boreing household. Paxton has had a terrible cough at night and a runny nose for several days, yesterday I woke up congested and miserable and John David may be coming down with it.

Being sick when you are a parent is quite challenging. The most important things have been drinking fluids, nursing the baby and keeping his diaper changed, everything else doesn’t matter at all! Last night when Paxton woke up coughing horribly and whimpering, I nursed him and when he wouldn’t go back to his crib we caved and let him sleep in our bed. Neither one of us had the energy to soothe him back to bed in his crib. It is certainly not something that is going to become a habit (mainly because this little guy is one rough sleeper) but it worked for us last night!

Here are a few ways I’ve survived these past days (and a few cute shots of the baby):

Fleece sheets result in bad bed head for fuzzy headed babies!

The bed positioned for Paxton and I after John David left for work, I slept on the right side, with Paxton in the middle and pillows acting as barriers so he wouldn’t roll off! (We’ve been able to sleep past 11 thanks to this…I know it sounds like I’m lazy but that good sleep is making us better!)

Yesterday I took a nice hot shower to help ease my congestion, I put Paxton in the stroller in the bathroom so he could take advantage of the steam! (And that stroller also worked as a nice method of transportation since I was feeling weak!)

After our afternoon nap Paxton woke up with the cutest bed head ever…his hair was all spikey!

Changing the diaper of a 7 month old requires a lot of energy on mamas part since he likes to fight it! Today I put baby legs on him instead of pants and it has made changing him much easier!

The congestion is easing and I’m hopeful that I’ll be feeling much better tomorrow!

And I’ve tried just about every natural remedy there is: sipping on hot broth, drinking orange juice, gargling with salt water, drinking hot tea, drinking EmergenC, hot shower, hot bath, sticking my head in the freezer, taking a brisk walk and they’ve all provided temporary relief.

Tonight Chicken Noodle Soup is dinner and we’re turning in early!

Being sick reminds me how much I take our health for granted. I’m so thankful that we are blessed with excellent health and only have a few sick days a year!

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  1. Take a lot of a good quality (multi-strain) probiotic (more than the bottle suggests – we usually do 2 three times a day). This is the single remedy that we use when we get sick and it works everytime.

  2. Sorry that your sick! You are right…it is hard to be sick when you are a mommy!!! Hope you get feeling better soon! I'll be praying for you!

  3. If you mix up some cloves and water and boil it to make a tea, you can use a two-teaspoon serving to stop coughs and ease the congestion (don't forget to strain the broken clove pieces out). Be careful not to just knock it back like you would a shot of nasty-tasting cough syrup as it IS spicy, it just being clove and water. But you ARE able to sweeten it if you so choose.

  4. Rachel, this is a sweet post…and I can TOTALLY relate since we've been fighting the same thing!

    I have to ask though…sticking your head in the freezer? What's that all about? *lol* Made me laugh…

    1. The cool air helps to clear up my congestion and lets me breathe a little better…if only momentarily! It's one of the things my husband tells me to do and it does seem to work!! 🙂

  5. Aw, I love the pics of Paxton's bedhead – sooo cute.

    I used to drink Orange Juice every morning, my mom always got mad if we got sick since the OJ was supposed to stop it. But really, OJ is just loaded with sugar and not a very good way to ward off sickness. I've since stopped drinking it and now take cod liver oil every AM instead!! That stuff is packed full of vitamin A and D which strengthen your immune system.

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