Having it All Together

My dream – having it all together! I often find myself wishing, hoping and dreaming that I will have it all together! I tell myself if I have a day or two to catch up, then I’ll have it all together.

To me having it all together means that the house is neat, clean and clutter free, there are no dishes in the sink, a hearty meal is served nightly, the laundry is caught up, the garage is perfectly organized, I manage my time perfectly, answer every e-mail promptly, read at least 4 books to my son each day, update this blog daily, just to name a few!

The fact is – I’m far from having it all together!

Our home seems to always be messy, I can’t seem to win the dish or laundry battle (seriously laundry is crazy around here…somedays I question my desire to have several children simply because that will mean more laundry!)

I follow absolutely no schedule and don’t really follow a routine – except the routine of feeding Paxton every three hours! The area of time management is a weakness at this season in my life.

Some days I just want to lay down and cry – or just not get out of my cozy bed in the morning and face reality – and a small mountain of laundry!

I am taking baby steps in an attempt to have it {somewhat} together!

  • A load (or two) a day keeps the piles manageable!
  • A 15 minute pick up makes my home appear neat!
  • Simple meal plans make cooking dinner easier.
  • Intentionally taking time to sit in the floor to play and read with my son is wonderful!

He really doesn’t care that his mama doesn’t have it all together!

He does care that she takes the time to play, read, nurse, cuddle, laugh and tickle!

Once my children are grown and gone, maybe having it all together will be easy! Until then, I’m embracing the reality of having a small child and taking baby steps towards becoming a better homemaker.

18 Replies to “Having it All Together”

  1. That is the definition of life! The truth is we never really will have it all together! And if you find yourself thinking you do, you will end up finding something else you must do. Someone very wise one told me "Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff." If we focus on the little things we miss the BIG picture, what we know as life! You are dong a great job. Take some time to remind yourself that each day!

  2. You do an amazing job :o) I'm going to start the flylady babysteps to get my place in order…… my apartment exploded and there is stuff everywhere LOL I wish I had it all together or even close.

    1. I've checked out some flylady stuff too and am using some of her suggestions around here! Our garage looks like it exploded and honestly laziness is why it does…a lot of the stuff is recycling and donate stuff, we've just not gotten around to it (classic procrastination!!)

  3. You have it so much more together than I did at your age and in your situation. My kids are grown (one teenager left at home) but I work full time so it doesn't get much easier. Now my daughter has kids of her own and I like to send her links to websites like yours to give her inspiration!

  4. Sounds like you have it together to me. You realize what is feasible at this time in your life and you are working to be okay with it. I tell people if they want to come see us just stop by, but if they want to see the house call ahead so we can clean 😉

    1. I love this statement, "I tell people if they want to come see us just stop by, but if they want to see the house call ahead so we can clean!" I'm going to remember this!!

  5. Amen, Rachel! I have 7 children…ages 3-10yrs…and I homeschool, babysit, and do foster care…I know just what you are saying! Don't put too much weight on house stuff…when you are gone, the memories your kids will want to have of their parents are the memories where you DID things WITH them…not watching you clean. It is important to have things somewhat together…but perfection will not happen at this time in your life, or mine! God bless you…you are doing a great job! Now…go smooch your little man and turn the other cheek to the messes you see….as your baby is the most precious gift ever given…that and a great hubby!

    1. Wow! 7 kiddos!! And you homeschool!! We want to homeschool our children but there are days that I think I could never do it! I suppose it is all about balancing priorities though! And you are so right, my husband and baby are the most precious gifts!

  6. You do an amazing job. I do feel spending time with the boys is better then having a completely clean house. I think when they get older and can help around the house it will be easier. Less clothes too. lol. 🙂

    1. Lately when I'm folding laundry (somehow we have a ton of laundry and there are just 3 of us…I can't imagine what will happen when we have more kids) I think one of Paxton's first tasks will be learning to fold laundry…or at least match the socks! 🙂

  7. It's only gonna get worse and I mean that in the best way possible 😉 You are doing a great job! I used to also sweat the "small stuff" but like you, I realized that my baby was the most important thing I had to tend to! Paxton is so lucky to have you with him all day, every single day! He'll be walking and talking before you know it! Like you've said in previous posts, you won't regret taking the time to cherish moments with your son and in the end and that is so, so true!

  8. I can totally relate! I am a stay at home mom too and I have a baby girl who is Paxton's age.
    I fantasize constantly about having everything in it's place, clean kitchen floors, and no cluttered rooms… But, it never happens. Just as soon as I get one part of the house, barn, or yard in order, something else needs desperate attention!

    But, being a mama is the most important job! In the end, it is all that really matters and dirty kitchen floors are easily forgotten. 😉

    1. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mama who struggles with keeping a neat home! And it does seem like there is always something else to do…the saying, "a woman's work is never done" is so true!!

  9. wow this is so my life at the moment too. i would love if my house was spotless and dinner always made when my husband comes home but i have 2 very busy boys and 1 sweet baby to nurse and cuddle.

    1. Cuddle that baby and forget about the house! I've learned that they grow so fast! I cannot believe my son is already 7 months old! And I've started really simplifying our meals around here, they are quick and easy and nothing fancy but it is the best thing at this point in my life!

  10. Everyone procrastinates some time or another (at least everyone that I know). As some one already said, "don't sweat the small stuff." Enjoy the little things in life, because when you look back on them you will realize that they are the BIG things in life (like taking time to do stuff with the kids, even when there are clothes to fold, or dishes to wash and put away). Our house is always a mess or it feels like it to me, but I homeschool my 3 oldest and have a 3 year old that can mess up a room before I turn my back. We are home ALL day, EVERY day, so it is going to lived in. Not dirty but toys here and there. I am learning to live with it. One day it will all be gone and I will wish it was here. You are doing great! I think, most people "LOOK" like they have it all together, but they don't, at least not to the extent that we think…at least that is what I choose to believe it makes me feel like I am not the only one even though I KNOW I am not.

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