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Having it All Together | Frugal & Simple

Having it All Together

My dream – having it all together! I often find myself wishing, hoping and dreaming that I will have it all together! I tell myself if I have a day or two to catch up, then I’ll have it all together.

To me having it all together means that the house is neat, clean and clutter free, there are no dishes in the sink, a hearty meal is served nightly, the laundry is caught up, the garage is perfectly organized, I manage my time perfectly, answer every e-mail promptly, read at least 4 books to my son each day, update this blog daily, just to name a few!

The fact is – I’m far from having it all together!

Our home seems to always be messy, I can’t seem to win the dish or laundry battle (seriously laundry is crazy around here…somedays I question my desire to have several children simply┬ábecause┬áthat will mean more laundry!)

I follow absolutely no schedule and don’t really follow a routine – except the routine of feeding Paxton every three hours! The area of time management is a weakness at this season in my life.

Some days I just want to lay down and cry – or just not get out of my cozy bed in the morning and face reality – and a small mountain of laundry!

I am taking baby steps in an attempt to have it {somewhat} together!

  • A load (or two) a day keeps the piles manageable!
  • A 15 minute pick up makes my home appear neat!
  • Simple meal plans make cooking dinner easier.
  • Intentionally taking time to sit in the floor to play and read with my son is wonderful!

He really doesn’t care that his mama doesn’t have it all together!

He does care that she takes the time to play, read, nurse, cuddle, laugh and tickle!

Once my children are grown and gone, maybe having it all together will be easy! Until then, I’m embracing the reality of having a small child and taking baby steps towards becoming a better homemaker.