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Chicken | Frugal & Simple


We love chicken around here! Like most Americans, I prefer cooking with boneless, skinless breasts but you can save money purchasing whole chickens or split breasts.

In the past, I’ve purchase whole chickens but an easier solution is split breasts, it is more expensive than whole chickens but they are a lot less work (and when you are a new mama, that’s important!)

Recently I picked up 6 split breasts at a great price and cut most of the breast meat off of 3 of them (I cut the meat into 12 strips for “boneless wings”). Then I boiled the remaining meat on those 3 breasts and the other 3 breasts.

Once the chicken cooked, I let it cool and shredded it. It yielded approximately 6 cups of  shredded chicken which I separated and froze into 2 cups portions for quesadillas or chicken salad!

I then made chicken stock with the broth, it yielded 4 cups which I separated into two 2 cup portions!

Those 6 split breasts equalled:

  • 12 boneless wings (2 meals)
  • 3-2 cup portions of shredded chicken (3 meals)
  • 2-2 cup portions of chicken stock

Not bad that those 6 split breasts will feed our family 5 meals and we have “free” broth to use in soups or casseroles!

What is your chicken preference? Can you handle the bones to save a little money or are you all boneless no matter the cost?