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This Season of Life | Frugal & Simple

This Season of Life

This season of life I’m in is challenging.

I often feel like I’m always behind and never do anything worthwhile. Then I remember, the most worthwhile thing I do is take care of my son. Changing diapers, rocking, wiping noses, nursing, cuddling, reading, feeding, singing, every one of those things are worthwhile.

However, I’ve had a hard time lately realizing that something has to give. Right now, it is almost impossible to nurse my son, play with him, hold him, wash diapers, stay on top of our laundry, prepare meals, bake the occasional batch of bread, wash dishes, transcribe from home, blog fairly regularly and keep our home tidy and clean.

So what gives?

Honestly, it’s been probably 2 weeks since I’ve vacuumed or cleaned. As far as dusting goes, it’s been a month; I haven’t dusted since we moved in! I’ve managed to keep things around here tidy but they are far from perfect.

We have papers strewn here and there – we have yet to bring our filing cabinet in from the garage and file things. Plus, moving and switching insurance plans equals a lot of papers being mailed to us.

Our financial bookkeeping is in disarray. Thinking about getting it in order makes my stomach hurt. We have things to sign, water bills to pay, papers to mail and they just sit.

The ironing pile is just growing. I even shared earlier this week about expressing love to my husband by ironing for him – he had to iron his pants one day this week. And notice some of the shirts are just thrown on the pile too- that’s a result of folding laundry with a fussy baby.

Now Paxton is adding to the mess. I had no clue a 6-month-old could create such a big mess. I left him playing in his nursery for 15 minutes while I transcribed today and I came back to find toys and books pulled off the bookshelf and his playmat moved about 2 feet.

Even though the house may be chaotic, I’m not going to bed at night and regretting not spending quality time with my son.

This season of life is challenging – it may not be neat and organized but it sure is worthwhile!

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