Ironing is an important part of my weekly routine. It is a simple thing I actually enjoy.

I don’t enjoy it because I love to iron. I enjoy it because it is a simple act of love. I joyfully iron because I love my husband!

His love language is Acts of Service. He feels loved when he has starched jeans and crisp shirts.

Once a week, I get the iron and starch out, get some toys for Paxton, turn the radio on, put Paxton in the floor to play and I iron. I put the freshly ironed jeans and shirts in the closet and know that every time my husband pulls out an article of clothing to wear, he feels loved because I took the time to serve him through ironing.

What is your spouse’s love language? What are ways you love them with their love language in mind?

4 Replies to “Ironing”

  1. It seems my husband feels loved when I make sure things are done when he gets home from work. He appreciates it when dinner is on time and he has a favorite dessert. There are LOTS of little things that I do to love my husband, like I try to make sure school is done (or almost), kids are down for a nap so he can have a quiet cup of coffee, make sure toys are cleaned up so he walks into a cleaned up home (to him, that's clean!)
    I love making my husband happy! He's the best!

  2. I’ve been meaning to read the 5 Love Languages. I have taken it out from the library several times and have read the first chapter, but then got too busy to finish it. It is on my list!

    I’m not sure what language my hubby is…but I am anxious to find out!

    It is ironic that you wrote about this, because I have a post scheduled tomorrow about “Love Letters” from my husband and how THEY make ME feel.

    Great minds…
    Love must be in the air.

  3. My husband says his love language changes, so I find it hard to keep up… But I try to have things in a decent state for him when he gets home anyway. Ironing is something I have never been able to do, and he accepts that. Besides he doesn't hang things up 😉 so it would be a wasted effort sadly… but good on you!

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