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Ironing | Frugal & Simple


Ironing is an important part of my weekly routine. It is a simple thing I actually enjoy.

I don’t enjoy it because I love to iron. I enjoy it because it is a simple act of love. I joyfully iron because I love my husband!

His love language is Acts of Service. He feels loved when he has starched jeans and crisp shirts.

Once a week, I get the iron and starch out, get some toys for Paxton, turn the radio on, put Paxton in the floor to play and I iron. I put the freshly ironed jeans and shirts in the closet and know that every time my husband pulls out an article of clothing to wear, he feels loved because I took the time to serve him through ironing.

What is your spouse’s love language? What are ways you love them with their love language in mind?