Flip Diaper System

When I first began my venture into cloth diapering, I thought the Flip Diaper System was the best choice for our family. It was less expensive than pocket diapers and easier than prefolds.

We started cloth diapering when our son was around a month old. We quickly learned breastfed baby poo and the Flip System did not work for us. We still used the system but we typically had one wear out of the cover because he would almost always poo while wearing the Flip and it would get all over the cover!

Now that he’s eating solids, we’re beginning to see the money saving benefits of the Flip System.

The Flip System::

Stay Dry Insert $4.95

One-Size Diaper Cover $13.95

Organic Insert  $7.95

*You can purchase a Cover/Stay Dry Insert for $16.95 or a Cover/Organic Insert for $19.95 (saving $1.95 over purchasing them separately).

**We purchased 2 Cover/Inserts together, 3 Stay Dry Inserts and 1 Organic Insert.

The Flip cover is a one-size adjustable cover, that “fits babies from 7-35 pounds”. Our baby had skinny legs, it didn’t fit until he hit the 10 pound mark.

Our son at 2 weeks wearing the Flip Diaper cover with a Stay Dry Insert. It was too big on his legs, babies with chunkier legs could probably wear these diapers earlier.

The stay dry insert has microfiber on one side and stay-dry suede on the other. There are lines (you can see on the left) where you fold for a small, medium or large setting.

The Stay Dry Insert inside the Flip cover. This is on the medium setting, I folded the insert on the second line and then tucked it in the cover. Now it is ready to snap on baby!

The Flip organic insert is like a pre-fold. (I was surprised when it arrived, I thought it would look just like a Stay Dry Insert just with organic cotton.)

You fold the insert according to the size your child needs.

This insert is bulkier but it is very soft and absorbant!

The Organic Insert tucked in the  Flip cover.

There are also Disposable Inserts for the Flip Diaper System, a pack of 18 is $4.95. (We have not tried them.)

I believe this system is perfect for babies on solids! If we have another child before Paxton is potty trained, we’ll probably purchase another cover and a few more inserts and use the Flip System on him and use our pocket diapers on our newborn.

How much could you save versus pocket diapers (like bumGenius)?

(It is recommended you have no less than 12 diapers in your stash.)

  • 12-bumGenius One-Size Diapers (@$17.95) = $215.40
  • 4-Flip Covers with Stay Dry Inserts (@$16.95) & 8 Stay Dry Inserts (@$4.95) =$107.40
  • Savings-$108

[We still love our bumGenius diapers because they are so easy to use, are great for cloth diapering on the go and are simple for nursery workers/babysitters/grandparents to use but the Flip System is great too!]

What are your thoughts on the Flip Diaper System?

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8 Replies to “Flip Diaper System”

  1. Believe it or not, I only purchased prefolds, so I have no idea what it's like to cloth diaper with these! It looks very easy though, expecially compared to the prefolds. I think I would definitely purchase some of these over the all-in-ones because of the obvious cost savings. So my question is- how many times can you resuse the cover?

    1. These are much easier to use than prefolds. They are a great mid-cost diaper (cheaper than pockets, fancier than prefolds!!) I typically reuse the cover about 4-5 times, however if he sleeps in the Flip cover I typically won't reuse because it gets damp from being worn all night.

  2. I LOVE the Flip system, but agree that they are too big for a newborn. I have a wee one coming and have decided to try the Thirsties duo. I like the system of not needing a new diaper for every change. I have been cloth diapering for almost a year and absolutely love my Flip diapers. They have saved bunches over needing to buy pocket diapers. My goal is to use the Thirsties until babe is around 16lbs and then switch over to the Flip diapers. With both you can use prefolds and not as many covers. I am excited to see others enjoy this great system.

  3. I like all the photos! Makes it very clear how it works. I gotta say – this looks a whole lot like prefolds with covers, which is what I use (and have posted about, with photos). But prefolds are much cheaper. I wonder what an organic prefold goes for – maybe not much cheaper than the "organic insert," I've never looked into it. I do use unbleached prefolds. I guess the inserts are less bulky and more absorbent and the stay dry feature is nice for night-time or other long hauls. Definitely cheaper than pocket diapers b/c you only need a few covers!

    1. Yes prefolds are much cheaper! However, now that my little man is moving all around during changes I find that I only use my prefolds if I absolutely have to because they take more work! I still love our pocket diapers too but the Flip System is a great "middle ground" alternative!

  4. I'm not familiar at all with the Thirsties, I'll have to look at that if/when we have another little one! The Flip system is a great alternative and easier to use than prefolds!! 🙂

  5. Just an FYI for newborns… if you look at that picture you can see that the inside "wing" isn't pulled up. The "wing" is the corner of the front of the diaper that wraps around the hips. If you reached in on that picture and grabbed the two wings and pulled them up and out of the diaper then you would get an awesome fit and a nice tight leg. It looks silly because the wings poke out the top but it makes the cover fit a tiny baby much better!

    Good review and great pictures 🙂

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