Favorite Baby Items

We have several favorite baby items that make life with a little one much easier. For the past 6 months we’ve used most of these items daily. Our 10 Favorite Baby Items::

1. bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers

Two Months

We’ve been using bumGenius One-Size diapers on Paxton since he was one month old. These diapers are $17.95 and have adjustable snaps so your baby can wear the same diaper from birth to potty training!

Six Months

2. Breast Pump My Medela Harmony manual breast pump has made breastfeeding easier and more comfortable! I purchased the pump to help relieve engorgement in the beginning. I use it almost every morning to have bottles to leave in the nursery as well as to store milk in the freezer for Paxton to have later. {Manual pumps are inexpensive; this pump was under $35. Another benefit to having a manual pump – I can easily pump in my car when I need to!}

3. Moby Wrap We love our Moby Wrap! It was wonderful to have when Paxton was a newborn; he slept quite a bit on his mama in the Moby. We now use it to take walks and it’s great for those days that he doesn’t want to be put down but I need to get some things done!

Three Weeks

4. Nursing Cover Breastfeeding around other people has been easy and modest with a nursing cover. I am comfortable nursing with the cover and it allows me to feed just about anywhere!

5. Baby Gowns Baby gowns are not only precious, they are much easier than sleepers! Gowns were perfect when he was a newborn and needed to be changed multiple times at night. I loved the gowns so much that we used them until he was 5 months old; they were wonderful to sleep in during the hot summer months. {Now that he’s outgrown his gowns and only sleeps in sleepers, I realize how easy the gowns make diaper changes!}

Five Months

6. Wet Bag We purchased a Planet Wise medium wet bag to use while cloth diapering on the go. I’ve realized that a wet bag is something that every mama should keep in the diaper bag! It’s perfect to put soiled clothes and bibs in; no more looking for a plastic bag when baby makes a huge mess.

7. Terry Burp Cloths My favorite burp cloths are terry burp cloths. Three terry burp cloths can fit in the same amount of space in your diaper bag that a regular one does! Not only do they make wonderful burp cloths, they also make great baby hankies when your little one has a runny nose.

8. Carter’s Bibs We have several different brands of bibs with different closures but our favorites are Carter’s bibs. These bibs fasten on the side, making them easy to use.  They are lined which keeps baby’s clothes dry and the closure will not scratch your baby!

Three Weeks


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9 Replies to “Favorite Baby Items”

  1. I also love Carter's bibs because they are harder for the little ones to pull off! I don't know if Paxton has tried yet, but my littles ALWAYS ripped off their bibs immediately after I got it on them!

  2. That play mat looks way cuter than mine. I love the Moby for a newborn. I have a very cute nursing cover, but never use it. My kids don't like being under a blanket. Oh well. We love the bumkins bibs and Pelican bibs (both PVC/vinyl-free) for older kids eating solids. Never had any droolers. . .

    1. Paxton's great aunt gave us the play mat, it's farm themed and precious!! I'm thankful he's been okay covered up in public so far (as long as he's eating he's happy!)

      Love your site!!

  3. I have a question about the Moby wrap… I really am thinking of getting one if/when we have another baby, do you have to support the baby with your arms while they are in the wrap? Or can you be totally hands free? Do you know how they work for a larger child…like a one year old ….or older?

    1. You don't have to support the baby while in the wrap unless bending over. When he was tiny I could very easily be hands free. Now that he's older, I often do support him while he's in it.

      I don't really know how it would be with a larger child, they are supposed to support kids up to 35 pounds. Paxton is around 18 pounds now and he fits in just fine and it we're both comfortable.

  4. I'd like to ask about the manual breast pump – does it take a while? As in, do you think the cost savings versus an electric pump were worth it? Thanks!

    1. The manual pump is all I know. I don't really think it takes all that long. I typically only pump when I'm full (in the mornings or when we're out and I haven't fed in awhile because we brought a bottle). If you are just using the pump occasionally, I think a manual pump is the way to go! The Medela is under $35 which is much better than spending over $100 for an electric pump!

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