Exclusively Breastfed for 6 Months

This past Saturday was an exciting day in our family! We celebrated the half birthday of our son and that I reached my goal of exclusively breastfeeding him for 6 months!

I’ve been blessed that breastfeeding has been an easy experience for both of us. It has been challenging, especially those days when he was younger when he’d want to eat every 2 hours!

I have moments when I think that I’ve been nursing every 3 hours during the day (or more some days) for the past 6 months. That is amazing as well as physically demanding and time consuming. However, those sweet nursing snuggles and nursing naps (where we both fall asleep) are precious and time well invested in my son!

A few of the benefits of breastfeeding for us:

  • Paxton has been healthy – no sickness or trips to the doctor other than for well baby visits! (He has had the sniffles the past few days – I think it could be teething related.)
  • It’s essentially free – I do eat more since I’m nursing but we’re not having to purchase formula!
  • Breastfeeding is simple! I don’t have to worry about bottles, formula, washing bottles, mixing bottles and all that goes along with formula feeding. (We give him breast milk bottles about 2-3 times, typically for the nursery at church and washing bottles is no fun!)
  • I love feeding my baby; nursing is so relaxing and wonderful bonding time!
  • I believe breastfeeding has helped me lose my baby weight!
  • Delaying fertility.

My 6-month-old exclusively breastfed baby! It’s amazing to think that my body has nurtured this little person and allowed him to grow into a healthy baby boy!

My new goal is to continue nursing until a year – and possibly longer.

*Both the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend exclusively breastfeeding the first 6 months and breastfeeding should continue to the first year – or even beyond!

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*I know many women struggle with breastfeeding whether it is horrible pain, a baby who wonโ€™t latch or lack of milk supply and these are things they just canโ€™t control. I do not think mothers who formula feed their babies are inferior to those who breastfeed, we all love our babies and do what is best for them!


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    1. Thank you Amy! It is a great feeling! Now that I "mastered" breastfeeding…time to venture into the world of breastfeeding & feeding! Always something new to learn!

  1. He's a beautiful and healthy boy! I nursed my youngest daughter for over a year and it was a wonderful time for us. I remember those days of us both falling asleep on the sofa or bed during nursing. Now that I'm expecting number three, I hope to be able to breastfeed again! I love how if the baby is crying, you don't have to divert your attention from your baby. You don't have to leave the crying baby to prepare and heat a bottle. You just bring your baby straight to you!

    1. I also love the simplicity of nursing!! Congrats on baby number three, I'm sure you'll be successful breastfeeding this one since you nursed your daughter past a year (yay!)

  2. Awesome! Way to go!!

    I'm nursing my son now and loving it. will be 1 month on wednesday. i am quite proud of myself. I didnt nurse my first 2 boys. so its a change. its so much easier. i'll agree, its great not having to wash bottles.

    1. Congrats on your new little one (I saw his adorable pictures on your blog!!) I'm happy to hear that breastfeeding is going so well for the two of you!!

  3. Congrats! That was my goal too, and I was so happy when I accomplished it. Isn't amazing to think that your body exclusive nourished his? We introduced solids at 6 months – so now eating is more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Congratulations for reaching your goal too!! It is so amazing to think that my body has nourished him for the past 15 months…everything came from me!! I am a little sad about not exclusively nursing (mainly because it means he's growing up!) but I am excited about introducing foods to him!!

  4. Breastfeeding is the best! My daughter went to daycare at 9 weeks old when i needed to return to work and I was so worried about her not wanting to nurse anymore. I was wrong about that! She still loves to nurse and she is now almost 11 months old. No issues between going back and forth between the breast and bottle (except she still prefers the breast and doesn't want Daddy to give her a bottle when I am away for a few hours!) Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  5. congrats! my son is now 6 1/2 months and we’ve been exclusively BF’ing as well and are loving it! will be starting to introduces some solids as well shortly, which will be a new challenge! good luck to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Congrats to you & your son too!! It's been interesting remembering to feed him food at times but we're getting the hang of it! So far he's had rice cereal, carrots, applesauce and bananas! He loves the applesauce and bananas! It's been fun to watch him explore new tastes and the funny faces he makes when we introduce something new!!

  6. Great job, mama! I breastfed my first till 3.5 and will do the same for my newest little one who is almost 9 months ebf!

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