There’s Still Work to Do

As you can see, there’s still work to do in our new home! I thought it would be best to share pictures of the rooms that aren’t so together after receiving comments about our living room and our kitchen and how organized and together I am…ha!

Yes, those rooms are together and orderly and I’ve managed to keep them that way but I’m far from completely settled in and there are some areas that need major work!

Our dining room is less than together. There are pictures on the table waiting to be hung (yes, we’ve been eating at the table for a week and a half simply ignoring the pictures!) Then there are boxes on the floor filled with picture frames and other decor items just waiting for me to decide where they are going.

One of the boxes is filled with yearbooks, where do you put those? 4 are my husbands, 1 is mine…I’m thankful my parents only purchased my senior yearbook! I thought it was a little unfair at the time but I’m glad I don’t have several more since I am a sentimental and wouldn’t want to get rid of my yearbooks (believe it or not I have pack rat-ish tendencies when it comes to pictures, photo albums, scrapbooks, letters and cards!)

Our guest room/John David’s office. Thankfully this is not my responsibility! I’ve given him full reign in this room (the only thing I will do is clear off the bed and make sure it is accessible when guests come!)

Then there is our bedroom which is 100% my responsibility and it’s far from peaceful and relaxing! Of course it’s not like our former master bedroom was anything special, it was the most neglected room in our home too!

I have big plans for this room today:

  • Make the bed! (I really do make the bed most days!)
  • Remove what doesn’t belong (like that box which is full of hangers we aren’t going to use!)
  • Bring in some pictures and decor items (from the boxes in the dining room floor of course!)
  • Sweetly ask my husband to hang some pictures on the wall for me!

It’s not like any of those tasks are hard, I just need to do them!

You see, I’m not really all that organized and together!

Now time to start moving since there’s still work to do!

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4 Replies to “There’s Still Work to Do”

    1. Honestly I'm shocked I was able to get so much done so fast! Unfortunately I lost that motivation and it's been challenging the past few days!!

  1. That's OK..I'm still impressed with what you got done in just a week! 🙂 Great job.
    When you're done, please feel free to come by and organize our home. 🙂

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