Favorite Fall Recipes

Since the leaves are turning, it’s getting cooler and we’re settling in our new home, I’m excited to get back in the kitchen! Here are a few of my favorite fall recipes:

I made a double batch of Pumpkin Bread yesterday afternoon! Delicious! I hadn’t made any since Christmas and oh how I enjoyed eating an entire mini-loaf last night!

Pumpkin Roll is one of my husband’s favorite desserts! I have a feeling I’ll be making one of these very soon! Since the large can of pumpkin was less expensive, I have extra pumpkin in the fridge and cream cheese was on sale this week. There really is no reason why I shouldn’t make my sweetie a Pumpkin Roll!

Last fall I made homemade Applesauce for the very first time with apples from my grandparents farm! It was delicious! I’ve already made a batch of applesauce with no sugar added for Paxton and I have another large box of apples from my grandparents in our garage! I’ll be making more applesauce very soon!!

If you’re a football fan, you really shouldn’t watch a game without Buffalo Chicken Dip! It’s one of those healthy dishes…full of cheese (cream cheese, bleu cheese and mozzarella!) We love this dip! Of course since it’s so healthy, I only occasionally make it!

I hope you enjoy one (or all) of my favorite fall recipes!





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  1. I saw the buffalo chicken dip recipe some time ago and knew I had to try it. Found it to be easy and really enjoyable. It made two meals for both of us and was just as good when heated back up.

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