Our Living Room

Welcome to our living room! It looks very similar to our former living room; it is decorated with the same pieces! In fact, everything in the room minus the rug was in our former living room and the rug was from my mother-in-law (which means it cost us nothing)!

This room is much smaller than the living room at our house but I really like the smaller, cozier space!

The rocking chair is now back in the living room. I rarely rocked Paxton in it when it was in the nursery and I’ve already used it to rock him in the living room here. The extra seating in the room is nice too.

The curtains and curtain rods are the same, I am so thankful they worked perfectly in this space!

One thing different in this home is that I have my desk in the living room! Our guest room/office is much smaller than in our previous home so I opted to use the living room as my work space.

It really makes sense to have my desk in the living room since Paxton’s room is beside  my desk (that’s his room to the right!) Of course having my desk in a public area means I’ll have to keep it uncluttered (I tend to let my desk get very messy!) The bookshelf contains our childhood books as well as Paxton’s non-board books (since he’s mobile and into everything his bookshelf only holds his board books now!)

A shot of the entire living room! (Here’s the room one week ago…huge difference!)

Now we’re ready for family and friends to visit!

The best part is that we spent absolutely nothing decorating our living room! It was frugal and it already feels like home!

6 Replies to “Our Living Room”

  1. Your living room looks so cozy! I love the paint color too, it’s a color I’m trying to find for my living room. I’m glad you two found such a great place, it looks like you are getting settled in 🙂

  2. We moved from a 2100 sf house to 1400 sf 3/2 last year and I LOVE the smaller cozier space. Our children are grown and it is just the two of us, but I think raising the kids in a smaller house would work just fine. Bigger is not always better. It is fun to find unique ways to store items.. better yet , It really was nice to get rid of 700 square feet of unneed clutter.

    1. I agree, bigger is not always better! I love small spaces! When I was growing up I dreamed of a huge house but now I'd be happy to always live in a 1,500 sf home! Honestly, I wouldn't want to clean a large home…I have a hard enough time keeping a small one clean and orderly!

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