Book Review: Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

One of the ways we live frugally is by sticking to a tight grocery budget. Our budget is $160 a month for our family and after 4 years of living on a tight grocery budget, I’ve gotten the knack of saving money on groceries…without a lot of coupons!

Of course I’m always excited to learn ways to stretch those dollars through grocery shopping tips and recipes!

I was very excited to read Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half by Steve and Anette Economides. The 306 pages of the book are full of money saving tips to help anyone save money. There are also a few recipes at the back of the book!

Since I am already on a small grocery budget, I have been applying a lot of the advice they gave such as sticking to your list, avoiding impulse buys, looking at the price per unit and how having an additional freezer saves money. However, I am going to start using some of their methods such as monthly meal planning to help save money (I will begin by attempting a 2 week menu!)

I really believe anyone can glean money saving ideas from Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. If your grocery spending is out of control, applying just a few suggestions in this book will result in grocery savings!

I plan on re-reading my copy and know that I will find other ways to save money! And I’m anxious to try some of their recipes!

Disclosure: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. All opinions expressed are my own.