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Settling In | Frugal & Simple

Settling In

This past week we’ve been settling in! We arrived Monday evening and unloaded the entire moving truck! Our furniture went to the rooms it belonged in and all the other stuff was put in the garage! We’ve quickly settled in and are starting to feel at home.

(All of these pictures were snapped early Tuesday morning when I really began the unpacking!)

Cluttered kitchen! This was the first room I conquered! Everything is now in its place and we’ve been using the kitchen all week!

Paxton’s nursery! It was a maze for a day or so! We’ve since rearranged and organized!

The master bedroom. It’s much smaller than our former master and the closet is about 1/4 the ┬ásize! We somehow managed to get all of our clothing into the closet after we both went through our clothes (resulting in a box full to go!)

The guest room/office! We’ve since made the bed and brought in more of John David’s video equipment! He’s working on this room!

The garage! Oh me, oh my!!! We slowly have gone through the stuff in the garage, putting most of it in places throughout the house, organizing some in the garage and have a large pile of stuff to go!

I’ll be sharing the rooms of our new home this week and giving you the grand tour!