We moved to Georgia on Monday!

Everything went quite well, the last hour or two at our home were the hardest between packing up the odd things and saying goodbye to friends and neighbors. The 3 hour drive was quite relaxing and I was on my second wind when we arrived!

We had friends help unpack and were able to get the entire truck unloaded that evening! Paxton was able to sleep in his crib and John David and I slept  in our bed (that made it feel more like home!)

We’ve been steadily unpacking and making our condo a home this week! Paxton’s nursery and the kitchen are completely unpacked already!

I hope to begin sharing pictures of our new home soon!

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  1. Rachel,

    Praising the Lord for a successful move! Glad you and your family are there safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing how you make your new house a home. :o)



  2. Wow, Wonder woman! Sounds like it went smoothly and all your decluttering paid off. I need to start doing that since we want to move soon.

    1. Thank you! We're starting to feel at home here!

      I actually won't be attending Relevant…a few months ago I started feeling like attending wasn't the best thing so I sold my ticket. Turns out it was a wise decision. I can't imagine taking a long trip from home with Paxton this close to the move! I am sad I won't get to visit with blogging friends.

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