Welcome to Paxton’s nursery! It has beautiful blue walls and a wonderful window that lets in a lot of light during the day! His crib and playmat! The crib was purchased by John David’s parents and the adorable bedding was purchased at Once Upon a Child for $20 by my mom!! Our changing table was given to us by the Simmerman’s. The baskets are full of cloth diapers! Our dresser was a Craigslist find that my parents paid for! It’s a great dresser that really has too much room  for Paxton’s clothes (we purchased a bigger dresser so we can store clothes for two children in it eventually!) The Little People Farm was a shower decoration at our church shower! We love it and Paxton does too (as I was attempting to pack it yesterday, he started reaching for it and played with it for a while!) The bear beside the farm is an FFA piggy bank from our friend Kim (it’s perfect since John David and I met in FFA and we love saving our pennies!!!) Our rocking chair that John David gave me for Christmas in 2007, on it is a quilt that I made! Paxton’s bookshelf filled with books and toys! I love the contents of the bookshelf! I love sitting in the corner or in the rocking chair and reading to him or playing with him! That’s our (first) nursery!

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