Master Bedroom

For a small home, we have a huge master bedroom! The room actually looks quite empty with our queen bed and nightstands and a huge oversize recliner!

Our bedroom is my least favorite room in the house, I don’t like most of our furniture and I’ve put very little thought into decorating it! Why is it that master bedrooms tend to be the most neglected in homes?

We had this wonderful quilt that my mom gave us as a wedding gift, it is a patchwork on one side and solid aqua¬†on the other. I really like the aqua and red together, I made the throw pillows! They’re nothing fancy but they cost me nothing and I like the pop of red!

The one item of furniture that I do love is this dresser!!

The door wall! It has the bedroom door, closet door and bathroom door on it!

Our master, nothing fancy but we love the double vanity!

We will miss our huge master bedroom! Hopefully at our next home, I’ll spend some time (and maybe a little money) creating a master bedroom that is a relaxing retreat!

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  1. Our house was a 100% fixer-upper (except for the foundation & frame pretty much.) One of the first COMPLETED rooms in the house was our Master. When everything else was a complete disaster, we could go to our Master bedroom and get away from it all. It was the first room we were proud to call "home." To this day, it is still my favorite room in the house.

    The home I owned before getting married was in the city and had a TINY bedroom (it was fine until we tried putting Todd's Queen bed and dressers in there.) We had very little room to move around. Our new bedroom has 2 armoirs, a queen sleigh bed, two bedside tables, a tall dresser, a large vanity dresser and a cedar chest. And we still have room to move around! It is cozy, and as I mentioned, that room just feels like "home" to me.

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