I love our kitchen! It has an open layout that makes it easy for two to cook together! We purchased our GE refrigerator, microwave and range (it’s a gas stove which I love) and our Bosch dishwasher when we moved in! I’m really going to miss our refrigerator that has the fridge on top and freezer on the bottom and our gas stove!

Our beautiful black GE fridge! This side of the kitchen was my baking area, notice  my Kitchen Aid mixer? All of my baking supplies were in the corner cabinet! And the under the cabinet lighting made reading recipes easy!

I love the fancy window! I spent many hours looking out the window while washing dishes!

Another wonderful feature that made this kitchen fabulous- it had two closets in the kitchen! This one is our pantry-notice it’s looking bare? We’re trying to eat as much as we can before we move!

And the other one was used to hold overflow kitchen items, light bulbs, tools and our vacuum cleaner!

I’m really going to miss our lovely little kitchen – it was one of my favorite features of our home when we were looking and it still is my favorite room!

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