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Organizing Baby Clothes | Frugal & Simple

Organizing Baby Clothes

Organizing baby clothes is an ongoing job! My little one is growing fast and to keep up with what he has grown out of and into takes some work! I’ve found if I don’t stay on top of it, things quickly get overwhelming and the nursery becomes disorganized!

For awhile, I was sorting through clothes about every two weeks since he was growing so fast! Now, I find going through the clothes about once a month keeps his clothes organized and rarely will I put something on him to discover he’s outgrown it.

I only organize clothes when Paxton is in a happy mood because I often try several articles of clothes on him (I call it dress up!)

I strip him down to his diaper and put him on a blanket in the floor while I look through his clothes. I pull out the items that I know are too small, try on a few that I’m not sure if they still fit or not and then see if any of his clothes that are the next size up fit. It sounds complicated and time consuming but it generally takes about 15 minutes!

When I find clothes he can’t wear, I then decide if it is a piece of clothing that I really like and want to keep for a (hopeful) future baby boy or if it is an item I am going to pass on. I’ve been pretty ruthless in getting rid of clothing because I don’t want to store a bunch of clothes!

This is the box of all the clothing I’ve keep newborn through 5 months. It’s about time for a bigger box or another box!

Once I’ve finished sorting, we have a neat drawer full of clothing that he can wear! (We’re trying to be minimal with our baby clothing, he only has one drawer of clothes he can currently wear and a few items hanging in the closet!)

Investing just a few minutes once a month really helps me stay on top of what he has as well as any clothing items he may need and most importantly it keeps me sane!