The Neglected Home

This week was deadline week for work! In addition to my transcribing, last night I covered an event for a local co-op. Needless to say, with a busy work week plus caring for and nursing a growing boy who loves to eat, my house was neglected!

Here’s a glimpse into our home on a week mama is busy with work:

I think our bed was made once this week (and that was by John David!) I’m just realizing how bleak our room looks with nothing over the bed.

Our kitchen table. We ate maybe 2 meals on it this week! Notice the bag on the left, that is John David’s camo Diaper Dude he was given from another Dad!!

Dishes from the past 2 days! The sink was full also. Notice how grimy the sink looks…eww!

Bags haphazardly lying in the floor and yes, that is a Nerf gun, it belongs to my wonderful husband!

At least the diapers are clean, right?

The second bath…it is clean just messy!

Of course the house was “neglected” to care for this little fellow (who was 5 months yesterday!) He’s not missed a meal and his bottom stays nice and dry and he gets lots of snuggles and played with!

Today, I have a list that’s about a mile long, starting with tidying up most of the areas I’ve shared!

After a busy “work” week, I have so much respect for working mothers! I have no idea how they do it, all I can say is they must be very organized (or at least more organized than me)!

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  1. I keep thinking that if I was a stay at home mom my house would always be clean. It is good to know that it wouldn't!
    The only way I get my housework done is with a wonderful husband who helps out a lot! Sometimes he works along with me, sometimes he takes the baby away for a few hours so I can focus solely on cleaning! Needless to say, my cleaning list has been simplified! Otherwise I would always feel like a failure because I can't do it all anymore!

  2. Forgot to ask the question of what is wrapping your wooden drying rack? The pink stuff….

    I need to do something with mine to prevent the brown marks it leaves on some of our clothing.

        1. Oh, it comes with a slit on one side so you don't have to undo any pipes. It looks like 6' is about $4 at lowes. Just a thought. 🙂

  3. I just started back to work a few weeks ago (I teach English at a local community college a few hours a week) and I have no IDEA how mothers work full time! My daughter is in daycare two half days a week, and I struggle to keep the house clean and prepare wholesome foods for my family. But, like you said, at least the diapers are clean, her bottom stays dry and my family gets lots of snuggles. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing that you too as a part-time employee & stay at home mom struggle with the same thing! Maybe one of these days I'll get organized…

  4. It is OK! Working moms, like myself, don't have it all together either! One thing I have learned to remind myself of is that I can only do what I can do and that's all! It's actually something that I was "taught" at work (I work full-time in a Target store doing logistics) and I am so happy that they believe that and always remind us of it when the workload gets heavy! When work gets tough, housework or job-work, I remind myself calmly that I can only do what I can do and that's the best I can do. Everything will get done. Maybe not in my time frame that I created but it will get done and I find peace in knowing that – even if it is hard to accept sometimes!

    1. Thanks for this encouragement Shelley!! You are so right, everything will get done (like on the weekends when my hubby is home to play with Paxton and help me clean!!)

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