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The $215 Goal: Completed! | Frugal & Simple

The $215 Goal: Completed!

Back in July, I set a goal of selling $215 worth of stuff around our house to make an extra principal payment on our home! I set a timeline of 6 months to accomplish this and I’m pleased to share that we reached (and exceeded) the goal in just 2 months!!

So, what did we sell?

2-Books on half.com $9.02

Baby Clothes on eBay and at Once Upon a Child $35.05

Clarinet on Craigslist $100

Bamboo Graphic Pad on Craigslist $80

1965 World’s ¬†Fair Cards on Craigslist $5

Our old Refrigerator on Craigslist $30

My old Blackberry to my sister-in-law $150

Total: $409.07

We have exceeded the goal by $194.07 (and I just sold another book on half.com which made me an extra $4.50)!!

I love getting rid of our unwanted stuff that is cluttering up our home and making a little money!

I still have several things to list on Craigslist and I have this crazy idea to have a yard sale this fall! (Am I really that crazy?)

Where have you had success selling your unwanted stuff?