The $215 Goal: Completed!

Back in July, I set a goal of selling $215 worth of stuff around our house to make an extra principal payment on our home! I set a timeline of 6 months to accomplish this and I’m pleased to share that we reached (and exceeded) the goal in just 2 months!!

So, what did we sell?

2-Books on $9.02

Baby Clothes on eBay and at Once Upon a Child $35.05

Clarinet on Craigslist $100

Bamboo Graphic Pad on Craigslist $80

1965 World’s  Fair Cards on Craigslist $5

Our old Refrigerator on Craigslist $30

My old Blackberry to my sister-in-law $150

Total: $409.07

We have exceeded the goal by $194.07 (and I just sold another book on which made me an extra $4.50)!!

I love getting rid of our unwanted stuff that is cluttering up our home and making a little money!

I still have several things to list on Craigslist and I have this crazy idea to have a yard sale this fall! (Am I really that crazy?)

Where have you had success selling your unwanted stuff?

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  1. Congratulations! That's awesome! 🙂
    Hubby and I have had luck with Craigslist and Craigslist only. We are getting ready to list a riding lawn mower on there within the next week!

    You are doing great, Rachel. Keep up the great work!

      1. I am posting the lawn mower today on Craigslist. Is yours a riding or push? I'm not sure how much to list ours for. It's a riding lawn mower.

        Have you thought about posting some of your crafty makings on Etsy? You do great work, and I think others would agree!

        1. Ours is a riding mower! It's old and needs some work so we'd be happy to get $25 out of ours!! As far as selling on Etsy, I've given it a little thought but I don't have the time now since Paxton has been born!!

  2. That is such an inspiration! Recently I was thinking about trying to sell an extra bedframe on Craigslist, but I haven't done it. This post makes me want to! lol

  3. Way to go!! We had lots of stuff to get rid of since we have 4 kids and very generous in-laws and friends. My husband didn't want to have a garage sale, I did. So I got everything ready he put up the signs. We made $300
    in two days, which ended up being about 12 hours! Not bad for a few hours of work! I would say if you can swing it than do it. We think that one of the keys to a good garage sale is lots of large signs that will pull people in from every direction. We did not put an add in the paper, (however others in the area did), because we didn't want to be guided by what it said. We wanted the option of closing at what ever time we wanted especially if there were no customers showing up. When the customers started to be almost nonexistant I had my husband pull the signs and THEN closed the doors. I feel if I put an ad in the paper that we are going to be open on Fri and Sat from 9-4 then we should stay open during those times.

  4. Congrats! How awesome! Your posts regarding Craigslist have gotten me motivated to sell a few things we are just holding onto. I would love to sell some of it and make higher payments towards our credit card debt! That would feel so awesome! Thanks for the continuing motivation!

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