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Cloth diapering definitely saves money over disposables (not to mention they are so much cuter!) Most mamas (and daddies too) think they are a great idea but can’t get over the fact that some diapers cost $17-20 each.

Comfy Rumps is a parent owned Canadian cloth diaper company that offers quality pocket diapers at an affordable price – starting at $8.75CAD!

Paxton’s new orange PUL snap Comfy Rumps diaper! This one-size pocket diaper only costs $8.75! (They come in orange, yellow, purple, pink, red, green, blue and white and they also offer a velcro version!)

What about the quality?

When I received my diaper, it was in a simple plastic bag with no packaging and there were no brand tags on the diaper. I was surprised about the lack of packaging but it really makes sense – it helps keep the cost of the diaper down plus there is less waste!

When I pulled it out of the bag I was immediately impressed by the diaper. The lining was very soft and the diaper was easy to stuff – in fact when my husband was on diaper stuffing duty the first time after our Comfy Rumps was added to the stash, he commented how it was the easiest diaper for him to stuff!

The pocket diaper and insert. The insert is not as thick as some of our other inserts but it’s worked well so far!

One of my favorite features of this diaper is the snaps that allow the diaper to be in an extra small setting! Even on the extra small setting, the diaper is not really bulky.

Here is the diaper in the large setting (notice the snaps on the right wing that allow for an extra small fit!)

We’ve been using our Comfy Rumps diaper for almost a month in our stash that we wash every other day. This diaper has been tested and so far has stood up to heavy wetting, a rather large poo which it contained and has also been worn a few times overnight with no leaking!

I’ve been very pleased with this diaper! If you are looking for an affordable one-size pocket diaper alternative, Comfy Rumps is a great option!

Paxton is quite comfy (and cute) in his Comfy Rumps!


Comfy Rumps sells PUL Diapers in snaps and velcro, Minky Diapers in cute animal prints and Organic Bamboo Diapers!

They are currently running a special through September 20 – Buy 15 diapers get 3 free diapers, 1 free wet bag and 3 free soakers!


Two winners will receive a Comfy Rumps diaper of their choice!

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Giveaway ends Monday, September 20 at 12:00 pm CST.

Disclaimer: I was provided a Comfy Rumps diaper to review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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  1. I would choose the PUL diaper with snaps. In fact, I did! I allready placed an order through them to get their special (buy 15 diapers and get 3 free)!!! It should be here any day now. =)

  2. Thank you so much!!!! I just sent you my mailing address and diaper choice 🙂 Can't wait to receive it in the mail!!!!!

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