Declutter Challenge: August

I have set a goal to have 365 things gone in 365 days! And once I reach this goal I’ll continue decluttering…hopefully more than 365 things will leave my home!

My one rule is that hand-me-downs from others don’t count! How is counting someone else’s cast offs helping me reduce clutter? So, if I receive items and decide to pass them on or donate to Goodwill, they will not be on this list!

How did I do in August?

Clothing: 91

Books: 17

Baby (everything but clothes): 17

Household: 34

Other: 28

Grand Total: 187 items!!

*I sold 2 books on and baby clothes at Once Upon a Child for $37.82! My grand total of “stuff” sold  to $240.63 for the year…not too shabby!!

I’ve reached my goal!! I’ve now gotten rid of 432 things!!

The growing pile of unwanted stuff in the basement! I’m seriously considering having a yard sale this fall. We have a few larger items that we may be getting rid of and I haven’t even started tackling the clutter in the basement…it seems like clutter just grows in the basement!

Just a few of the piles of clothes that left my closet! I was really serious about getting rid of clothes this month. I went through my closet at the beginning of the month and throughout the month as I would try things on to wear and didn’t like the way they fit, away they went! (Over half of the 91 items of clothing were baby things…he had so much small stuff, I don’t think I even own 91 articles of clothing!)

Are you thinking about decluttering in 2010? Here is a video post about getting rid of 30 Things in 30 Days! It is amazing how much you can get rid of if you just get rid of 1 unwanted item a day…easy decluttering!

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  1. Yay! I, too, have a pile of things to get rid of. But because I live in a small apartment, that pile is confined to a small pile in the corner. Once it gets too big, away to Goodwill it goes! Fortunately, Goodwill's only a few blocks away, which makes it quite easy.

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