Eating Healthier

Once again, I’m making attempts to eat healthier (I started down this path last year right before morning sickness hit with full force!) Since I’ll soon be introducing my son to food, (how is it that he will be 6 months old in only 1.5 months?) I’m becoming more conscious about some of the foods we’re eating that we shouldn’t be.

At this time, we cannot afford to eat only organic but I think avoiding processed foods and sugars and eating more raw fruits and vegetables is a start!

The plan:

  • Making homemade breads (with fresh ground flour!)
  • Homemade breakfasts (muffins, eggs, pancakes, biscuits instead of cereal)
  • Eating more steamed veggies
  • Salads (a simple side dish!)
  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt and cheese for snacks

What are some of your favorite healthy meals and snacks?

What organic foods do you purchase?

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  1. I like oatmeal, cantaloupe, and carrots (LOTS of carrots). I try and buy organic apples, and sometimes others, but not everything.

  2. We joined a local food co-op this summer for the first time and I can't believe how much it changed our diet! Instead of snacking on whatever I could find in the pantry (because we don't keep a lot of snack foods on hand) I was reaching for grapes, strawberries, and salads! I thought you might be interested in this:… It is good information for people who want to buy organic and has links to two good websites. Good luck!!

  3. I have been really feeling the need to eat better for better health. We have started to juice again. I just go to the store and buy tons of different veggies and fruits and juice them up. I don't really like veggies, was never made to eat them as a kid, but I can drink the juice down pretty fast. I know a lot of people see juicing as a waste but if we get our vitamins and minerals and use the pulp for compost I see nothing wrong with it. I also add Chia seeds to things like yogurt and oatmeal, they are an INCREDIBLE source of protien and nuts seem to be necessary in our home as well.

  4. We started doing this when our son was born ( 3.5 years ago) – i make all pasta, breads and yoghurt, and we also turned around 3/4 of our back yard into a vegetable garden, so we are able to grow alot of what we like to eat ( sometimes we have epic fails and have to buy vegies) I am looking into buying a handful of hens, so we can start eating home grown eggs! Our son loves to be able to go out and pick stuff for the table, and loves helping when it comes time to plant

  5. Eating healthy on a budget is not as hard as you think.Cut refined sugars and proceesed foods and remeber to make homemade.For baking, I use agave nectar, Real maple syrup, and sucunat.If using sugar, I make sure it is raw & organic.My family eats real butter and real lard(rendered from pork).All of our meat is processed by mennonites.We have free range laying chickens too.This is healthier because you'll only be eating items that GOD made in it's naturalist form.I used to eat this way However, health issues led me to eating dairy and fat free.The only real fats I eat come from Olive oil sources or meats. I only eat organic chicken, turkey, and some fish.Most of my meals are vegan or vegetarian I am only limit to 4-6oz of meat daily. I also found out that we are not even supposed to consume as much meat as the typical American Diet God did not design us to eat this way.

  6. I think your ideas are excellent! Another idea is to try to get more protein from non-meat sources. I've had really good luck with lentils, bean soups, and vegetarian chili, and my husband is a pretty big meat eater. This can be not only healthier, but also more frugal. Like you, I find it rather expensive in some cases to buy organic. What I did was print out a list of the 'dirty dozen'–a list of the vegetables and fruits that contain the most pesticides. I was able to find a wallet sized card to print out with this list. I am trying to just buy organic for the worst offenders. I was surprised to learn that bell peppers can have as many as 7 pesticides on one pepper! Basically, they say if you can go organic just on those items, you can reduce your pesticide consumption dramatically. For now I am focusing on celery, apples and peppers, since they are among the worst. Since I am pregnant, I am wanting to reduce the number of chemicals I ingest. Good luck on your journey!

  7. God designed us to eat large amount of whole grains, fruits, and veggies and small amounts of meats. I have a brother that is a chef. He has taught me how to cook super healthy & awesome tasting foods. Here are some quick suggestions: Brown rice, not White(unless it is jasmine). Eat more oats. Add flax to your baking. Make more smoothies for breakfast.Add as much variety of veggies and fruits into one dish as you can….Add apples to you salad. Make a fresh spinach salad and add tomatoes, strawberries, pecans, and parmesan cheese. Make ALL of your dressings homemade. I live by this…If it is not of God in it naturalist form for consumption, should we eat it? "Man" made high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, velveeta, etc."Man" also puts additives in our foods.Buy local. You live in TN and we have more opportunities to eat fresh than those big city dwellers Praise GOD!!!!!!

  8. I like hummus and tortilla chips for a snack. Just check the ingredients on the bag, you don't want to buy anything with partially hydrogenated soybean oil in it. That stuff is like paste in your arteries. We also like to eat Hormel all Natural Lunch Meats. It doesn't have preservatives in it like Sodium Nitrite, which is known to cause Brain Cancer. Its the only sandwich meat I will let my kids eat. Also, make sure not to eat High Fructose Corn Syrup, that is like an anti nutrient. Your body doesn't know how to process it which is why its one of the leading contributors to diabetes. We like to eat Jiff all Natural Peanut Butter, with Smuckers Simply Fruit Jelly on Natures Own 100% wheat bread. Its the perfect PB&J Sandwich with out all the bad stuff. Good Luck 🙂

    1. I love Hummus. I eat it as a veggie wrap spread & veggie dip, too. When I started my journey on healthy eating, I too, used to eat all natural lunch meat, I also used to make sure that our jellies and such were HFC free. I have since learned, courtesy of my dear brother, that if the meat doesn't look like it came off the animal, then it has been altered in some way. At times I still want a meat sandwhich. But I remind myself that to get the lunch meat shape and preserve the meat in refridgeration, there must be alterations to the item. Istead, I will cook roast a meat(turkey, roast beef, chicken) and make sandwhiches from that. Jellies and jams are not hard to make for canning either This way, you know what it is in there…..The only prepackage wheat bread on the market I see that is HFC & HO or PHO free, is Healthy Life. Homemade bread is insanely delicious!!!!

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