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Eating Healthier | Frugal & Simple

Eating Healthier

Once again, I’m making attempts to eat healthier (I started down this path last year right before morning sickness hit with full force!) Since I’ll soon be introducing my son to food, (how is it that he will be 6 months old in only 1.5 months?) I’m becoming more conscious about some of the foods we’re eating that we shouldn’t be.

At this time, we cannot afford to eat only organic but I think avoiding processed foods and sugars and eating more raw fruits and vegetables is a start!

The plan:

  • Making homemade breads (with fresh ground flour!)
  • Homemade breakfasts (muffins, eggs, pancakes, biscuits instead of cereal)
  • Eating more steamed veggies
  • Salads (a simple side dish!)
  • Eating raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt and cheese for snacks

What are some of your favorite healthy meals and snacks?

What organic foods do you purchase?