I really love babywearing! There is nothing like holding my sweet little one close to me!

I also love that wearing him allows me to be productive while carrying him! Having him in a wrap or sling also makes running errands much easier – especially grocery shopping!

Wearing Paxton in our Moby Wrap at 3 weeks old in a Newborn Hug Hold.

In a Lotus Hold at 4 months! I like this hold (and so does he) since he’s able to look around – especially on our daily trips to the mailbox!

Looking at these pictures makes me think about how much he’s changed! Isn’t it amazing how much babies change in just a few months?

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  1. Our efforts at hatching a baby have been totally unsuccessful, so I think you're so lucky to have a little guy to wear. Blessings to you and your husband as you raise that darling little man.

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