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The Laundry Enemy | Frugal & Simple

The Laundry Enemy

Oh laundry…you are quickly becoming my enemy! I have always loved doing laundry, especially neatly folding everything.

It seems like lately if I can remember to wash before my husband runs out of underclothes I’m doing good!

Then once I get things washed I often neglect the folding!

And then once they’re folded they just sit!

Here’s the evidence:

What’s not pictured is the other laundry hamper in the closet…yeah, it often looks just like this!

Here’s more evidence from earlier this week! (And I realized I’m also sharing the fact that my bed was never made!) Notice that the whites are somewhat molded in the shape of a clothes basket! Yeah, they stayed in there that long!

Another shot of our mess! But if you look very closely on the pillow you will see progress: one folded handkerchief (I am a hankie user!)

Ah, baby clothes and kitchen towels awaiting placement in their proper “homes”!

Once Paxton moved to his crib over 2 months ago the pack ‘n play just stayed…John David has lowered it though, if it was up to me it’d still be like this! And, I’ve found that it makes an excellent “laundry catcher” for those nights when we just want to push the clean clothes off of the bed but not into the floor!

Of  course I have much better things to do than keep up with the laundry these days:

This little man doesn’t care about clothes! He’s just happy in a diaper! (And I have *mostly* mastered doing the diaper laundry, thankfully!)