Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit Giveaway

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As a cloth diapering mama, I’ve found that I can’t always cloth diaper my baby. There are times that it is easier to use disposables (like overnight trips!)

In the first few weeks, we used disposable diapers before we started cloth diapering. Once he started wearing cloth diapers full time at home and only wearing disposables when we were on the go, I noticed that the disposables had a smell! The “diaper smell”scent it made his soiled diapers smell just horrible! I knew there had to be an unscented disposable diaper!

Then I was introduced to Seventh Generation Diapers:

  • Wood pulp processed without chemicals containing chlorine
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance and latex free
  • Premium fit and absorbency

The light tan diapers make them look different than other diapers. One of my favorite features is the stretchy tabs and the fit of these diapers is great.

With a breastfeed baby (and the explosions and blowouts that come with that) how did they do? They were great! They had a high rise on the back and contained messes. He did have a little poop up the back one time but it was only a little bit and it was a huge dirty diaper! Other than that I never had any problems and never had any leaks with the wet diapers! (Other brands…let’s just say when he has to wear disposables I’m super prepared with tons of wipes and extra clothes!)

Looking cute in his diaper!

I also tried out the Seventh Generation Baby Wipes. They were okay wipes, they were a little thin and I found that I needed to use 2 or 3 wipes to clean up most dirty diapers. However, the fact that they are also hypoallergenic and unscented makes them a great option for babies with really sensitive skin.


Win a Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit including Chlorine Free Diapers (in the size you need), Chlorine Free Wipes, Baby Laundry Liquid, Disinfecting Wipes, All Purpose Cleaner and a few more products (I’ll let you enjoy a surprise when the package arrives!)

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Leave a comment telling me why you want to try out Seventh Generation Diapers!

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1. Tell me who the diapers would be for!

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Giveaway ends Saturday, August 28 at 12:00 pm CST.

Disclaimer: I was provided a Seventh Generation Natural Baby Starter Kit to review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I would love a chance to win! We cloth diaper too but use disposables on occasion and are always left with a lovely rash even after just a few changes! I've wanted to try this type because I've heard great things but the closest place that carries them is 45 minutes away! It would be great to win and try them out to see if putting in a drive would be worth it!

  2. I would LOVE to try 7th Gen diapers. I have used their wipes (I loved those) and several of their household cleaners but not the diapers yet, so I'd love to see if they are as good as their other products.

  3. The diapers would most likely be used on my 16-month old. I am 8 months pregnant but my daughter is quickly outgrowing all types of our cloth diapers and I find I am using more and more disposables on her.

  4. I'd love to try these! I love natural products- one of the reasons I hate regular disposables is that they are NOT bio-degradable in the least…

    We cloth diaper as well- but I have a few disposables for busy days when we are in town all day- and like you said, I am always prepared for a huge mess with disposables… so would love these diapers' high backs. (isn't it crazy that cloth is acutally less messy than conventional disposables??)

  5. I'd like to try the diapers because I'm stockpiling diapers for my baby due in December and I'm trying to collect different brands and I don't have any 7th generation yet.

  6. I'm going to be induced in a week with my first baby and as soon as she is big enough – we plan to start using cloth diapers. I know when I take her certain places (airports, overnight/short trips) I'll want to use disposables. I've bought mostly hypoallergenic/scent free/dye free products so far but would love to add the Seventh Generation to my collection – I love all their other products I've tried!

  7. I'd love to try out these products. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate more natural and healthy products into our life. 🙂

  8. I think these diapers would be greta for about any baby. I too would prefer cloth, but sometimes ease of
    use while far from home makes life much easier.

  9. I would like to win this contest to be able to send it off (or perhaps you would send it off?) to the Operation Top Knot warehouse for Soldiers' Angels. A deployed family would make good use of this line, and I'd like knowing
    I was able to contribute a bit to make it slightly easier for someone parenting a new baby alone.

  10. A giveaway that ends on my birthday!! Maybe I'll get lucky… I have wanted to try 7th Gen… I like that they don't have a smell – you're right, that dirty diaper 'smell' is pretty bad. And I like that they don't have cartoon characters on them. I don't get why everything has to be an advertizement!!

  11. I would love to win this giveaway- I just found your blog's link from another site and love what I see so far! I would want to give this to my friend who is expecting her first baby in early October, I know she'd love them!

  12. I've heard about these and would love to try them! I'm due with our first child in Jan. and have been hoping to cloth diaper and use disposables when we're out and about. , These would be for our baby due in January!

  13. I would also love to win this giveaway. I've always been impressed with Seventh Generation products. Very interesting about the different smell from "regular" diapers versus cloth diapers.

  14. I am also a cloth diapering mama and use disposables just on overnight trips, just as you do. I always have problems with disposables leaking and would LOVE to try these!

  15. The kit would be used for my yet to arrive little boy Josh. He should make his appearance in about two months.

  16. I have always wanted to try these out but cant seem to find them in my area. They sound wonderful and would work great for my 2 month old.

  17. I have heard so much about these diapers (and products in general) and have never tried them! I would love this!

  18. I have heard of these diapers and would love to try them out on my daughter and see how well they work.

  19. I want to try these diapers because we always use disposables at night, and I hate using Huggies! I'd love to try something a little healthier.

  20. Oh, and the diapers would be for my 10 months old nephew, Grayson. My youngest child, my 3 year old son is (finally!) potty-trained! 🙂

  21. I would like to try these because sometimes it is not feasible for my baby to be in cloth diapers while we are outside of the house.

  22. My sister and her husband are expecting their first baby in April. My brother-in-law has severe allergies to fragrance, so fragrance-free diapers and products such as Seventh Generation is going to be a necessity for them. I'm hoping to win the opportunity to pass this baby starter kit on for them to use.

  23. These diapers seem almost perfect, especially since they are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I've used Seventh Generation cleaning products before and have been very impressed!

  24. I'd love to try these as I've heard so much about them, but can't afford them right now. Thanks for the giveaway!
    jltreasure at gmail.

  25. These diapers would be for my 10 month old. (Hopefully my 2.5 year old will be done with diapers in the next few days!) Thanks for the giveaway!

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