My Breastfeeding Experience (So Far)

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I’m sharing my breastfeeding experience (so far!)

I’ve always known that  I wanted to nurse my babies, even as a child I would play that I was nursing my dolls!  I’m not sure how I picked up on it since my sister was just 22 months younger and I have no memories of her as a nursing baby.  I suppose it’s one of those natural instincts little girls have since it is such a natural thing!

When I was pregnant with Paxton, I read everything I could to prepare myself: books, magazine articles, and blog posts (one of my favorites: Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms). I talked to moms who had successfully breastfed their babies for months. I also took a Breastfeeding class at our hospital and my fabulous husband went with me since I knew he was going to be my biggest advocate!

I knew some moms and babies have problems breastfeeding and that it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I prepared myself mentally for the potential challenges and was determined to stay with it for weeks even though it could be frustrating or painful.

While I was in labor with my son, one of the lactation consultants at our hospital stopped by and went over nursing basics with me again. ( I was very blessed that our hospital had wonderful lactation consultants.) Within 10 minutes of giving birth, I was nursing my baby! Our wonderful Labor and Delivery Nurse and my husband helped me. We tried the football hold first but I was struggling with the position,  it just didn’t feel natural to me. We decided to try the cradle hold, which felt comfortable and Paxton latched on perfectly and was nursing!

Breastfeeding came naturally to me but there were a few struggles.I worried about my milk coming in the first few days. Then once my milk came in, I had a little engorgement discomfort. I did get slightly frustrated at first because he sometimes did not want to latch and I knew he was hungry, I learned that being calm was the best thing so I could calm him so he could successfully latch.

I’ve been breastfeeding for 3 1/2 months now and love it. My goal is to exclusively breastfed to 6 months and I’d love to  continue nursing to a year.

*I know many women struggle with breastfeeding whether it is horrible pain, a baby who won’t latch or lack of milk supply and these are things they just can’t control. I do not think mothers who formula feed their babies are inferior to those who breastfeed, we all love our babies and do what is best for them! My sister tried to breastfeed her baby girl but had struggles. My niece is a healthy, happy and beautiful formula fed 13-month-old!

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  1. My daughter is 8 months old and has had breast milk for the entire 8 months. She drinks it from a bottle while she is at daycare, but if my husband tries to give her a bottle at home and she knows I am in the house, she refuses to drink it and will cry until I come and breastfeed her!
    I had many issues with breast feeding. It took us almost a month to learn how to get her to properly latch (we saw a lactation consultant every 4-5 days or so during this time) then I had to deal with mastitis twice and blocked milk ducts almost every other week. For the last three months we haven't had any issues and I absolutely LOVE breast feeding. I plan on continuing until she is at least 18 months!

  2. I found your blog recently and love it! Thank you so much for this post – my daughter is due in just three weeks and I'm really nervous about breastfeeding!

  3. It's wonderful that they let you breastfeed right away. I wish that was the case more often! I was not impressed with the LCs where I delivered but nurses were very helpful. I also never could do the football hold, I was always a cross-cradle girl (I think that's what it's called).

    Kudos to you! Keep it up!

  4. YAY keep going!

    With my first born, I did not have the proper encouragement, so I feel like I failed ( I know I did not know, but there is always that feeling). When my second born came along I was blessed to have one of my close friends come over and save the day and help me through both the emotional and physical pain. I was able to feed my second born for 6 months before having to stop because I was going over seas for three weeks and could not take him with me. I am pretty sure if I did not have that trip come up, I could have nursed him to a year old. Maybe if we have a third child I'll get that chance 😀

  5. Breastfeeding is the best! I am glad it is going so well for you! I truly believe my boys are so healthy because I nursed them. If we have anymore babies they will definitely be nursed too!

    1. I love breastfeeding! And I agree that breastfeed babies seem to be very healthy, my sister and I both were and we were rarely sick as little ones! I'm hoping Paxton will be a very healthy baby and child!!

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