When the Wife is Away

Last week I left at 8 a.m. Monday morning and didn’t return until 8 p.m. the following Sunday. This was the longest I’ve ever left my husband. Since he is used to being cared for, I did some planning to help make his week a little easier.

I did all of the laundry and ironing before I left so he was stocked up with clean underclothes and ironed clothes for work.

I made out a detailed menu for him.  I wrote out the plan day by day, telling him what to cook and what side to prepare. I took all of the meats out of our freezer in the basement and put them in our kitchen freezer to make it a little easier!

Since he loves his sweet tea, I brewed 2 gallons of tea so he wouldn’t have to worry about making it!

I also made sure our home was clean so he could come home from work each day and relax.

After a week away, I honestly was expecting a slightly messy home but I came home to just a few dishes in the sink and an overflowing laundry hamper (and I’m happy as long as the clothes are in the hamper!) Everything else was perfectly clean!!

As for the state of our home once I arrived, not so neat! I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m the one with the “messie” problem and not him!

*My sweet husband is not helpless, he could have survived just fine doing his own laundry and planning meals for himself. However, his love language is acts of service and I wanted him to have reminders throughout the week that I love him and joyfully serve him even while away!

3 Replies to “When the Wife is Away”

  1. So sweet. I would have come home to a messy house, but we are both pretty messy people. I am trying to change that though. Have a good week. BTW I want to see some new pictures of Paxton. 😀

  2. I think caring for your husband – especially when he's capable of doing it himself and doesn't "require" you to do it – is one of the most loving things a wife can do! I feel like homemaking and caring for the family is becoming a lost art because we are all too afraid of how it looks to people who don't share the same view point. (I know I am anyway!) They work so hard for us outside of the home, I'm sure he certainly appreciated being taken care of even while you were away!

  3. That is such an awesome thing you did for your husband especially with acts of service being his love language!

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