Declutter Challenge: July

I have set a goal to have 365 things gone in 365 days! And once I reach this goal I’ll continue decluttering…hopefully more than 365 things will leave my home!

My one rule is that hand-me-downs from others don’t count! How is counting someone else’s cast offs helping me reduce clutter? So, if I receive items and decide to pass them on or donate to Goodwill, they will not be on this list!

How did I do in July?

Clothing: 24*

Other: 4

Grand Total: 28 items

*I sold 2 pieces of baby clothing on eBay for $7.16! My grand total of “stuff” sold  to $202.81 for the year…not too shabby!!

Now I only have 120 items left to reach my goal which averages out to 24 items a month throughout the rest of the year! I definitely think this goal is achievable!!

Now I just have to go to Goodwill! (And this picture is off stuff that was decluttered in June!)

Are you thinking about decluttering in 2010? Here is a video post about getting rid of 30 Things in 30 Days! It is amazing how much you can get rid of if you just get rid of 1 unwanted item a day…easy decluttering!


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  1. Way to go! 😀 I haven't sold any of mine. I have a bunch of homeschool books that I do need to declutter though. 😀

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