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A Slightly Messy Home | Frugal & Simple

A Slightly Messy Home

I’m taking steps towards staying more organized and staying on top of my housework. I’m working on overcoming procrastination and making sure I have a clean table in the kitchen.¬†However, I’m letting go of my quest for perfection and realizing that a {slightly} messy home is okay!

I’d much rather hold my son, read to him and play with him than have a perfect home!

Here’s a glimpse of what my home looks like most nights:

Pillows, quilts and throws just piled up, calculators, baby toys and books….signs of life and family!

Dishwasher, sink and counter full of dirty dishes…the result of a yummy dinner and homemade snickerdoodles!

And in our room…clean laundry yet to be put away, baby sling and my to-do list! The pack ‘n play is just indefinitely in our room, Paxton no longer sleeps there but we’ve yet to take it down, maybe one day!

It’s not perfect but that’s okay! I sure don’t regret just sitting on the couch and spending time with my hubby and baby boy!